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3 Unique Museums in Delhi NCR Worth a Visit

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Like any other capital of the world, Delhi has several museums that celebrate its history and rich cultural heritage.

However, the city is not without its unique offerings, and when it comes to museums, the following three command an audience.

Museo Camera

A passion project of photographer Aditya Arya, Museo Camera, is an homage to photography that celebrates every aspect of this art with enthusiasm and elan.

As one of the newest museums in Gurgaon, it has quickly become a point of interest for photography enthusiasts.

The museum features multiple rooms packed with beautifully displayed vintage cameras and information on how photography, over time, became an essential part of our lives.

Adding to the appeal of Museum Camera is their designated space to hold exhibitions, conduct seminars, and photography training sessions.

When planning a visit to Museo Camera, make sure you visit their in-house café, Fig at Museo, to try their finger-licking tasty contemporary recipes.

Sulabh International Museum of Toilets

A truly unusual destination, Sulabh International Museum of Toilets, covers the history of toilets from 2500BC onwards.

Undoubtedly unconventional, the museum is brimming with information on how life was before toilets and how, with each invention, going to the bathroom became more comfortable for humans.

Divided into three sections, ancient, medieval, and modern, the museum features vintage photographs and artifacts from the past and the present.

As educational as it is amusing, you’re unlikely to come across a museum of such kind elsewhere in the world.

Heritage Transport Museum

A day excursion for motorheads and a learning experience for children, Heritage Transport Museum, is a wonderful occasion to surround yourself with vintage vehicles.

Not just limited to cars, the museum has an impressive collection of different transport carriers such as two-wheelers, collectible toys, heavy vehicles, as well as contemporary and tribal art.

The museum offers guided tours at regular intervals, has a playground where children can run around, and host monthly art exhibitions that make revisiting this fantastic institution a must.

Travelers to Delhi can further visit establishments such as the National Museum, National Science Center, National Rail Museum, and the Red Fort Archaeological Museum, to learn more about India through permanent and temporary year-round exhibitions.

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