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4 Desi Foods You Must Try in Lahore, Pakistan

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Lahore/Pakistan-August 14, 2019: man is cooking street food at the streets of Lahore, Pakistan

Lahore, the capital of Punjab Province in Pakistan, is famous for two things. The old historic walled city of Mughal Era and its food. You can find a lot of restaurants in Lahore posh areas that offer food worth tasting.

But to know the true taste of Lahori foods, you have to try desi foods that you will find in the old city. Several restaurants in the old city are famous for their food for years. With a bit of more time, you can have great fun to explore all the places that offer desi food that purely belongs to Lahore.

Even if you are short on time, just don’t miss visiting the following four places to taste the best and unique desi food in the town.

1. Phajja Siri Paaye – A Breakfast Place:

Eating paaye in breakfast is popular in Pakistan. It is a bit heavy breakfast, but people love it. When in Lahore, make sure you try paaye in breakfast at Phajja Siri Paaye. This is one of the oldest breakfast restaurants in Lahore on the back of Lahore Fort in the red light area.

Here is a glimpse of what you will be served at this place.

Phajja siri Paaye is not only famous in Pakistan but around the world as well due to its special taste. The following picture has only one purpose, and that is to increase your desi food cravings.

If you want to have a true taste of Paaye in Lahore, this is the place to go. Keep in mind to visit the place early in the morning for hot and special breakfast.

2. Fiqay Ki Lassi – A Cold Glass of Desi Drink:

A desi drink extracted from milk and yogurt is a favorite of every Punjabi. You will find many places in Lahore to get a glass of Lassi. But the place with the best lassi in the town is only one, known as Fiqay ki Lassi in Gawalmandi, Lahore. The shop is situated in a congested place, but you will forget every effort you made, once you have a taste of this special lassi.

Historical and famous traditional drink for summer called Lassi also known as white beer.

Their special peray wali lassi is so popular that after receiving a token, you will have to wait for a significant time to get the glass ready. So have some additional minutes that you can spend to wait for a glass of lassi.

Lahore/Pakistan-August 14, 2019: man is cooking street food at the streets of Lahore, Pakistan

3. Grato Jalebi – To make your day sweeter:

This sweet jalebi is a bit different from normal jalebi due to its thickness and a special taste. You just don’t have to put more effort into finding Grato Jalebi in Lahore. There are few shops in DHA Lahore, Gulberg, and Johar town that offer the best Grato Jalebis in the town.

Here is a look at what this jalebi looks like; it is yummy.

Grato Jalebi can be a perfect desi food for you to eat with your evening tea. If you don’t have time to visit the shop, you can get it at your hotel or working place as well at any time of the day.

4. Butt Karahi – The True Lahore masalas:

A perfect place for dinner that serves special desi food. One of the most famous names of Karahi in Lahore with a special tasty Karahi is Butt Karahi. The original restaurant is located in Lakshmi Chowk Lahore that is many years old. But now it has three more branches to serve people better at Fortress Stadium, Qaddafi Stadium, and Bedian Road DHA.

Butt Karahi is one of the oldest names in Lahore for chicken and mutton recipes. They offer desi chicken and mutton karahi cooked in butter, desi ghee, or normal ghee as per your desire.

Here is a short video of mouth-watering lamb karahi posted by the restaurant on their Instagram page.

Butt Karahi serves other dishes as well, but karahi is their specialty. You just don’t want to miss out. You will make sure to visit Butt karahi once in Lahore, after having a look at below chicken karahi prepared in desi ghee.

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