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5 Philippine Street Food You Should Try

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Every country prides itself on unique dishes that speak of their creativity and palette. One of the best ways to learn about this is through the variety of street food available. The same is true for the Philippines. The streets are where you can find an assortment of inventive and affordable dishes that practically describe the country.

Here are 5 we recommend you should try:


chicken intestines pig ears pig intestines and barbeque on stick, one of the most exotic food in the philippines

Isaw is one of the famous street foods that you can find just about anywhere. As proof of its popularity, a lot of Filipino restaurants have incorporated this dish to their menu. Isaw is made up of chicken intestines that are skewered on a barbecue stick. It may either be served fried or grilled.

Kwek-Kwek or Tokneneng

Kwek – Kwek / Tokneneng – a Filipino tempura-like street food in plastic cup with stick. Copy space. Isolated background.

Both tokneneng and kwek kwek are deep-fried hard-boiled eggs that are coated in an orange batter. The only difference between the two is the kind of eggs that are used. Tokneneng is usually prepared with a bigger egg, chicken egg, or duck egg, while kwek Kwek’s main ingredient is the smaller quail egg.

Banana cue

ANTIPOLO CITY, PHILIPPINES – NOVEMBER 24, 2018: A food vendor deep fries saba banana with brown sugar and sells them as banana cue, a favorite snack item among Filipinos.

Banana cues are perfect for the afternoon snack time or locally called merienda time. Banana cues are fried bananas skewered on sticks sprinkled with brown sugar on top.


A fertilized chicken egg Asian delicacy.

Eating a balut is not for the faint-hearted. This street food has been featured a lot of times in international shows as punishments or part of challenges. It is quite understandable since the Balut is a fertilized duck egg that has been incubated for around 16 or 21 days. You could see the duck parts already formed most of the time upon cracking the shell.


Photo of cups of strawberry and milk flavored Taho or sweet soy bean curd with Sago or tapioca pearls

Taho is a popular choice for kids because of its sweet taste. It is also very healthy considering that it is made up of silken tofu, sago and/or tapioca pearls, and sweet sugar syrup with langka or jackfruit. These are usually sold by roaming vendors.

It is easy to find these dishes as they are all over the country. You do not have to worry about the cost because these are cheap. A visit to the Philippines would not be complete if you do not try any one of these.

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