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5 Tiktok Celebrities from Bangladesh You Should Follow

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In the last couple of years, an app called Tiktok has overshadowed every social app out there in terms of popularity and gaining new users.

Especially among the members of Generation Z, this app has been the talk of the town.

A Chinese company called Bytedance first introduced the app in 2016 in the market of China and later went global in 2017 to grow even more in popularity. It never had to look back after its release in the global market, up until the year of 2020.

The recent surge in the political beef between two of these countries, India and China, led to a countrywide ban of Tiktok in India. This event caused the company to lose a majority of users, considering they all came from India.

US government is also thinking about shutting down the operation of this app inside the USA because of the shady nature of the Chinese Government.

However, a large number of users of Tiktok come from Bangladesh. So instead of getting sad over the fact that you won’t be able to see your favorite Tiktoker from India, you can check out these 5 Tiktok celebrities from Bangladesh who might be able to set your mood right.

Shamima Afrin Omi

The one Tiktoker you must follow from Bangladesh is Shamima Afrin Omi. She has a fanbase of 1.7 million users, and her videos have reached a total number of 30 million likes. She mostly does lip-sync and duets. You can follow her here(

Nusrat Jahan Ontora

Nusrat Jahan Ontora has the second largest fanbase in Bangladesh. Approximately 1.2 million people follow her on Tiktok, and her videos have over 12 million likes. She is good with her dance moves and does a pretty good job of lipsync. You can follow her here (

Dilara Hanif Purnima

Dilara hanif Purnima is a TV celebrity loved by almost everyone in Bangladesh because of her appearance in Bangla cinema in the last decade, has recently joined Tiktok, and already has a fanbase of 1 million. She is an all-rounder while it comes to making videos in Tiktok. Check her profile here (

Sallha Khanam Nadia

She is a renowned TV celebrity, also known for her appearance in a few popular music videos. Nadia is appreciated by her fans in Tiktok for her acting skills as well as for her comedy skits. She has a fanbase of 800,000 followers. Watch her comedy skits here(

Solayman Limon

Solayman Limon is a Bangladeshi Tiktoker with 700,000 followers. He has over 5 million likes in his videos. Limon is known to his friends for his romantic acts and lipsyncs. Check out his profile here(

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