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A Bangladeshi Movie That Was Appreciated Beyond The Border

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I won’t blame you if you have never seen a Bangladeshi movie before or if you even get surprised to know that Bangladesh has its very own Film industry, also known as Dhallywood.

In terms of making movies in Bangladesh, producers and directors have always prioritized commercial films over art films.

The filmmakers from Bangladesh had this weird belief regarding filmmaking. To make a movie blockbuster, all you need is a couple of good looking actors who can dance (or rather weirdly move their bodies), a couple of item songs, and a love story.

Who needs a good script for a blockbuster movie, right?

They probably were right at the beginning for an audience that didn’t have much experience watching movies.

As time passed, the audience became educated and started looking out for quality acting in the actors and for good storylines in movies.

Filmmakers failing to provide such qualities resulted in division among the audience. That led to the shutdown of many cinema halls all over the country.

It’s not that every filmmaker in the country was following the same rules while making a movie. But the number of quality films with a diverse storyline was pretty low.

However, with the help of some talented filmmakers and quality actors, the industry managed to get back on track. Some of them were even awarded in international platforms for their beautiful creation.

Among the films that got appreciation from the critics and were also nominated for awards, “Matir Moyna” is one of my personal favorites.

If there’s only one Bengali movie you should watch, then this is it. It’s also a right start if you’re planning to explore the Bengali film industry. Let’s dive deep into it to know more about it.

Matir Moyna

The movie Matir Moyna or The Clay Bird is a Bengali war-drama film written and directed by Tareque Masud, based on his personal experience on the events that took place before the liberation war of Bangladesh.

Among other things, this film focuses on the cultural diversity of Bangladesh, religious liberalism, and the incomprehensibility of Islam.

The story of the film develops around a young boy’s life, his family, and his teachers at the madrasa. “Matir Moyna” went on to win the FIPRESCI prize as the first Bangladeshi film at the Cannes film festival.

The film was first Banned in Bangladesh. Upon revoking the expulsion order, the film received many national awards on multiple categories.

It’s a must-watch if you’re interested to know more about the liberation war of Bangladesh.

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