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“A Drop of Water is a Grain of Gold,” Holiday in Turkmenistan

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The importance of the festival

Central Asian countries constantly investigate the new innovative ways of providing the population with pure water due to the dry climate of the region.

Hence, authorities encourage people to save and care for water resources by organizing various festivals and events.

In Turkmenistan, the public holiday called “A drop of water is a grain of gold” is held on the first Sunday in April each year since 1995. President of Turkmenistan makes an official speech to congratulate the nation with the festival, which confirms the high importance of the event. (AnyDay Guide,

The water is highly valued in Turkmenistan because over 70% area of the country is composed of deserts. The climate of Turkmenistan is among the driest and hottest in the world, where the annual precipitation is 80 mm (3.15 in) on average. (Advantour,

Holiday attractions

ASHGABAT, TURKMENISTAN, April 28, 2017. View of the park area in the center of Ashgabat.

The exciting holiday is held near the banks of river, reservoirs and canals, where you can see concerts, sports competitions, festivals and different performances.

Although people celebrate the holiday in diverse regions, we highly recommend visiting Ashgabat, the capital city of Turkmenistan to see the main attractions of this wonderful festival.

The main event of the holiday is a concert by the masters of the art. The professionals sing ritual songs and perform national dances. (Turkmen Petroleum,

Have you ever tried Turkmen cuisine?

Guests in the festival can try sweets, fruits, fresh bread and traditional pastry – kulche, pishme, chapady.

Mental role of the festival

The celebrations give a sense of happiness and gratefulness to citizens. It unites people to achieve the most important mission, which is saving invaluable water.

Spectacular Exhibitions

You can also see the open-air exhibitions by the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources. These exhibitions are perfect for visitors and tourists due to the fascinating demonstrations of paintings, decorations, drawings, carved woodwork, jewellery and carpets. (Migration Gov,

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