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Emerging Data Science Startups in India to Watch Out For

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Data science is an interesting field that doesn’t move at the same pace or track as other IT branches.

Not only is it innovative and interesting, but startups and companies are investing huge efforts and finances in data science.

Some of data science startups bring out cutting edge futuristic services and products, and we bring you some of the best and startups in India to look into:

Kyvos Insights – Powerful BI Acceleration Platform

Data science and analytics revolve around huge data, and often it can be high input as well. Kyvos Insights’ tools make it easy for businesses to analyze and get insights for any data volume at any data scale or speed.

Their BI data layer can generate actionable insights for any data that it gets.

The best part is that their OLAP technology also works at Big Data complexity levels and is a godsend for enterprises across the globe.

Bewgle – Customer Review Analysis Using AI

Bewgle is an exciting startup found to analyze how there is more information about prospects in reviews.

Studying a review gives more insights about customers to help brands understand what works and what doesn’t.

It is the perfect tool as it makes use of advanced ML and AI algorithms to study user patterns and help companies make better marketing decisions regarding their products and services.

Moreover, their tool helps brands study everything from trending topics to user personas for better marketing procedures.

MoEngage – Customer Engagement Platform

This is a startup that is working on the recognition and promotion of rewards-based marketing techniques. It has headquartered in San Francisco, United States, but one of their offices is in Bengaluru, India.

That is, it studies user behavior and offers users rewards to maintain retention and profit and keep the budget in mind as well.

Additionally, you can view the user’s journey in various cycles of the marketing and sales procedure with advanced data analytics and visualization tools.

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