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Animal Cafes Worth Visiting In Osaka, Japan

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Visiting Japan is always a wonderful experience. Metropolitan areas are famous for a variety of attractions to enjoy while exploring the surrounding area, and animal cafes are no exception due to their uniqueness.

Speaking of animal cafes, Japan had become the leader when it comes to our furry friends.

Cats, dogs, owls, reptiles – you name it, Japan got it.

Cat of Liberty (previously known as Neko no Jikan (猫の時間))

This café is a little piece of heaven if you like both – cats and quiet atmosphere. Neko no Jikan was the first cat café to be opened in Japan, and it is located near Shinsaibashi Station.

You can choose to stay there for 30min, 1hr or 90min, and enjoy your time with a cup of tea or coffee while petting all the fluffy (and shy) cats.

Besides, you can look through different notebooks with stories and drawings from the previous customers, or read an introduction to all the cats present there.

My absolutely favorite place FOREVER! Never miss a chance to stop by!


Owl Café – Owl Family Osaka (Fukuro no Mise フクロウのみせ)

Japan is known for pretty much setting the trend for owls. Even before owl-related things became popular, you could find so much stuff with owls in Japan. It was all over the country even back in 2015.
Fukuro no Mise has a variety of owls, from small cuties to big birds, different in color and with catchy and bright personalities. One buddy didn’t want to get on my photos, while there was one who loved to pose for everyone.

You have a chance to play with them, pet them, and… had an owl ON YOUR HEAD! That was surely a strange experience, but so, so exciting!

Dog Tail Café

You definitely don’t have to be a dog person to visit this café. Located in Dotonbori, this place is easily accessible, and has all kinds of small dogs who will be excited to meet and play with you. How can you refuse the attention of these fluffy and playful friends?

You can choose between hot and cold beverages (coffee, tea or fruit juices) and enjoy your stay among little canine friends and even play fetch with them!


Small Animal Café ROCK STAR

This place is definitely one of the most unusual animal cafés you can find in Osaka. ROCK STAR café welcomes you with a variety of small animals, such as fluffy flying squirrels, rabbits, hedgehogs, but they also have snakes, lizards, geckos, and so many more. Stop by and enjoy some time with animals that you will not see anywhere else!

Some of these animals are a little terrifying, so this place is definitely not for the faint of heart!
Will you dare to try and pet them?


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