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Attabad Lake- A Beautiful Lake Created By A Landslide

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On 4th January, 2010 a massive landslide blocked the river of Hunza and a lake was formed, which later got its name as Attabad lake. Many precious lives perished, homes and cultivable lands submerged including plenty other valuables. People had to suffer because of the disaster and a few people lost their lives.

People of Gojal valley lost their commute access with rest of Pakistan as the only lifeline, the famous Karakorum Highway (KKH) was blocked.

Government and NGO’s provided emergency relief and vacated stranded tourists, students and patients via helicopters to other parts of the country.

Then the boat services were introduced and people had to travel by boats which increased the travelling hours.

The travel experience was worst in winters when the lake froze and the boat had to cut through the ice and make way for it. The boats were open so the cold winter froze the people sitting in the boat. A video was posted on YouTube by a local resident, which shows how people had to travel in the frozen lake.

After around six months the government succeeded in making some way for the water to release and the village was saved from drowning.

A lake created by a landslide has become a tourist attraction

After some years, the disaster turned into a beautiful lake, with turquoise color water. It added beauty to the region and thousands of tourists visit the lake every year mostly in summers.

The KKH road was rebuilt along the beautiful lake by cutting deep into the mountains trying to connect the region with the rest of Pakistan. A foreign traveler posted her photo at Attabad Lake on Instagram.

It has now become one of the top tourist attraction of Pakistan. People have started different businesses at the place so it has become a source of income for many people.

People have built hotels and resorts in the surrounding. Hundreds of tourists can be seen at the place who enjoy boating. Boating is one thing one should not miss when visiting the lake

This tweet by the Pakistani government shows a beautiful view of the frozen Attabad Lake.

One of the resorts built beside the Attabad Lake is Luxus Resort, where you can eat and relax while enjoying the beauty of nature.

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