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Beautiful Places You Must Visit From Islamabad, Pakistan

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Islamabad lies at the feet of Margalla Hills National Park.

The capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad, is surrounded by Margalla Hills. The city was built in 1960 and replaced Karachi as the capital of Pakistan. It is famous for its greenery and peaceful environment. Staying in Islamabad provides a silent and peaceful environment to explore your inner self.

The city has some beautiful and natural places to visit as well. Several hiking tracks in the Margalla Hills provide you the opportunity to exercise and enjoy the natural greenery in the city. Other than this it has some beautiful places to visit such as Faisal Mosque, Pakistan Monument, Shakar Parian, Rawal Lake, and Saidpur Village, etc.

But today in this article we will bring you some beautiful places near the capital city that you have not heard of. These places are not far away if you are staying in Islamabad. These stunning places provide you the relaxation you need after a hectic week of work with their natural beauty and peaceful environment.

Neela Sandh Waterfalls:

Only 40 kilometers drive from the capital city, Neela Sandh waterfalls are located in Moheri Syedan. The waterfalls have a short height and have crystal blue water stream. The surrounding mountains are full of natural greenery and tall trees.

The place is known as a secret paradise near Islamabad. It is a perfect place to spend a peaceful weekend with little travel and more freshness. The fresh air and sounds of the birds in silence are not the ones to be missed if you are in Islamabad with the natural beauty of the place.

The place has a series of pounds that have clear water streams. You can have a bath in fresh blue water. It is better to keep your swimming suit with you while visiting the place.

Shah Allah Ditta Caves:

A perfect place to visit if you have an interest in both history and nature. These ancient Buddha caves have a rich history and are believed to be there since long. Right in the foothills of Margalla Mountains, these caves are located in Shah Allah Ditta, a village in Islamabad Capital territory.

The 2400 years old Buddha Murals can be seen on the walls of these caves. It is believed that these caves and platforms like formulations were used by Buddhist monks and Hindu Sadhus for mediation. The Location where Alexander was received by locals is also marked near these caves.

Here is an inner view of the caves with the entrance covered by long and leafy vines of the trees.

The government of Pakistan is keen to preserve this archaeological site near the capital city. They have set up a 3 member committee along with the archaeological department to make sure that the relics of the site are collected and preserved properly.

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