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Best Scenic Spots to Visit in Kazakhstan

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Kazakhstan may not be included in the list of top tourist countries, and it may not even be on a travel lover’s bucket list.

However, this paradise is actually full of charm, with fascinating canyons, sandy beaches, large mountains, beautiful valleys, and ancient heritage sites.

If you are a traveler and love all these places – mountains, valleys, ancient buildings, etc., then this article will be fruitful for you to know about the attractions to visit in Kazakhstan.

Almaty, the old capital

Panoramic view of the upper part of Almaty city on the background of mountains in autumn season; golden fall, beauty and greatness of Kazakhstan concept

Almaty, the old capital of Kazakhstan, is patrolled with snow-capped mountains. The city is built on a slope, and travelers love their hiking and ski resorts. Almaty is home to a large concentration of Kazakh higher education and research institutions, including the Kazakh National University

The luminous bright lights look glamorous at night. Lle-Alatu National park and big Almaty lake are the central part for travelers.

The Russian Orthodox Church in the Panfilov Park is also called “Zenkov Orthodox Church” after the name of its architect. The wooden church was built between 1904 and 1906 and is a beautiful sight to behold.

Reflections of Russian Orthodox Church in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Although the capital was moved in 1997, it is still commonly referred to as the “capital of the South” and continues to develop as the economic and cultural center of the country.

Nur Sultan, the new capital

Nur Sultan, whose old name was Astana till March 2019, is the futuristic capital of Kazakhstan. It is situated on the bank of Ishim riv3, and the entire city can peek Baiterek tower. You can see various places in their modern architecture, such as Khan Shatyr Entertainment center.

Nur-Sultan/Kazakhstan – 06 12 2018: Capital of Kazakhstan Astana, Bayterek

Atyrau is situated near the Ural River, which is the third most significant river in Europe. There are many Irish pubs and cafes, and it is famous for its fresh breath due to the river. Retro park and blue-domed Imangali Mosque, which is marbled with white stones, give a cherished look to walk on. Women are required to cover their hair and bare skin by wearing a scarf when they enter the mosque.

Beautiful panoramic aerial drone view to Nursultan (Astana) city center with skyscrapers and Hazrat Sultan Mosque, Astana (Nur-Sultan or Nursultan), Kazakhstan (Qazaqstan)


Shymkent is an ancient city of Kazakhstan with its crowded markets and livelihood. Abay park is famous for the Ferris wheel, and you can also pay admiration to brave soldiers who fought in world war 2.

Shymkent, Kazakhstan – September 11, 2016: Kazakh boy rides his bicycle in the Park of Independence in Shymkent, Kazakhstan, with granite obelisks and Flag of Kazakhstan on the background.


Turkistan is the commercial center of the Silk road, and it is known for its cultural asset. The beautiful Mausoleum is substantial for its Timurid architectural style and UNESCO heritage.

Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi in the city of Turkistan. UNESCO world heritage site. Kazakhstan.


Baikonur is the place of the oldest and most significant space lunch building. Baikonur cosmodrome was once a secret testing place for Russians, and it is now used for the military. Travelers can see a lot of launch submissions and the history of the space programs in the museum.

Spaceship Soyuz on Baikonur spaceport ready for launch.

Kazakhstan is the largest country with all of its beautifully glimpsed cities and natural sights. It is the place where you can find natural beauty with all its charms to attract you.

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