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Binod: Why Are Indians Commenting This Word Everywhere?

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Social media, truly, is a weird place. From Turkey’s femecide issue creating a black and white challenge, the subject of which was lost and had to be reminded to people, to trends like commenting “Okay Boomer” under posts, literally anything can go viral or become the next trend.

Recently, such a trend showed up in India where Indians are commenting “Binod”, a common Indian name, under any post on any social media platform.

“What is going on here? Who is Binod?”, asked the world. Here is the answer.

The Video that started it all

Indian YouTube channel Slayy Point uploaded this comedy video titled “Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD)” on 15th July that made fun of meaningless comments by Indians on YouTube.

One of the comments shown in the video was just “Binod”, posted by a user named “Binod Tharu”. The meaningless comment somehow amused Indians enough to create a nation-wide inside joke.

Everyone ‘Binod’ed around the Internet

Slowly Binod started to spread around the internet and during the first week of August, it became a national trend.

Everyone was ‘Binod’-ing around to have fun. There were memes on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook being created and shared by people.

Many brands in India, including the payment app PayTM, Netflix, telco Airtel, joined the trend.

PayTM even changed its name to “Binod” on Twitter for some time after a user requested.

Police departments of multiple cities also used the trend and created posts to aware people.

Even French hacker, Elliot Anderson noticed the trend and chimed in.

Binod memes and comments are still all rage on Indian internet but if trends have taught us anything, it will be replaced soon by something else. Till then, Indians are going to obsess over Binod and you might have to see a few more of those comments.

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