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Super Long Distance Bus from New Delhi to London

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New-Delhi, India

If you’ve ever been on a bus tour and wanted it to never end, Adventures Overland has a bus tour just for you.

A New Delhi to London bus tour was announced by the Gurugram-based expedition company on 15th August, India’s independence day.

The Bus to London, as it is called, will have no more than 20 passengers and travel 20,000 kilometre in 70 days, visiting a total of 18 countries in the journey.

Adventures Overland was founded by Sanjay Madan and Tushar Agarwal, both of whom hold national and world records for their adventures. Bus to London isn’t the only India to London trip the company offers. They have done SUV trips to London for Indians in their own vehicles during 2017, 2018 and 2019 which were under their Road to London expedition.

According to their site, Bus to London will be a customized luxury bus with all the comfort and facilities, from legroom to Wi-Fi. The tour is going to allow people to hop off and explore the places during the 70 day trip.

The cost and the countries

The whole trip from New Delhi to London is going to cost about $20,000. If that’s a number your card might not be able to handle, the company allows you to choose one of the four legs of the journey.

The four legs have special regional tours that travellers can choose to be a part of. Three of the four legs are in Asia. This will be a great trip for anyone looking to know Asia better.

  1. Leg 1 – South-East Asia 11N/12D
  2. Leg 2 – China 15N/16D
  3. Leg 3 – Central Asia 21N/22D
  4. Leg 4 – Europe 15N/16D

The South-East Asia leg has India, Myanmar and Thailand. China leg starts with Thailand and Laos for two days and rest of it has various cities of China’s different regions in itinerary. The Central Asia leg allows you to wander around in the countries Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. It also has a Russian tour combined with it.

For the final leg, the Bus to London leaves from Russia and makes it way through eight European countries including Latvia, Czech republic, Netherlands and Germany, before finally reaching its destination UK.

The bus will also be available for a London to New Delhi tour.

Founder Tushar Agarwal said that around 40,000 people have registered for the Bus to London to be a part of the “life-changing journey”. (India Today,

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