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5 Must-Visit Cafes in Champa Gali, New Delhi

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It is only possible to come across the contrasting and charming nature of Champa Gali in a culturally-rich metropolitan city like Delhi. Situated close to Qutub Minar in Saket, Champa Gali takes space in the urban village of Saidulajab. A rustic plot of land with sheds and furniture workshops, it has become a millennial hangout spot thanks to the hip cafes and restaurants that attract everyone from college lovebirds to the casual coffee drinker.

Giving Champa Gali more character is its laidback aura accentuated further by the fact that it is among the best places in Delhi to appreciate original street art. With culinary options galore, here are five places to check out when exploring Champa Gali.

Jugmug Thela

Amongst the first eateries to set up shop in Champa Gali, Jugmug Thela has grown in popularity because of its humble setting and delicious homemade products. The café, in particular, has a cozy atmosphere with both indoor and alfresco seating.

The courtyard out back is quaint, whereas the tables in front are ideal for people watchers. Inside, the large book wall will please bibliophiles. At the same time, the menu entices gourmands with ultimate comfort foods, including gourmet coffees, fruity ice pops, thin-crust pizzas, grilled sandwiches, baked cheese toasts, and spaghetti.

Address: Shed#4, Westend Marg, Lane#3, Saiyad ul Ajaib, New Delhi 110030

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

Blue Tokai has come up as the best place to congregate for coffee aficionados in Delhi. The brand’s growing dominance in the Indian café scene has been nothing short of inspirational, especially when you consider the country’s infatuation with tea. At Champa Gali, their outlet follows the standard industrial café look with large work tables and the occasional potted plant adding a hint of color to the decor.

What stands apart from the typical is a big glass window through which customers have the perfect view of their coffee roasting and grinding space. The staff is more than glad to take enthusiasts inside for a quick lesson on different beans and the process of roasting. On offer, though, besides the usual suspects that range from the flat white to a warm cup of cappuccino are Blue Tokai’s hot and cold tasting menu, a must for anyone wanting to explore coffee in a whole new way.

Address: Khasra No, 258, Lane Number 3, Saidulajab, New Delhi 110030

Pho King

If the name doesn’t make you raise an eyebrow, hopefully, the food at Pho King will, but for all the right reasons. Similar to the mismatched elements in Champa Gali, Pho King is a bit of a conundrum at first. The white and blue exteriors are very Mediterranean, but the food is all about Asian flavors. The courtyard, when lighted up, is dreamy, especially on slightly chilly winter evenings. The inside, although colorful, has a country feel to it.

Nevertheless, the food doesn’t disappoint if you stick you to their Southeast Asian fare. There are delicious Vietnamese pho and rice paper rolls, baos, rendang curry, and the ever so famous kung pao chicken. The burritos and sandwiches seem odd on the menu but work if all you want is a quick afternoon bite.

Address: Khasra No, 258, Lane Number 3, Saidulajab, New Delhi 110030

Patta Cafe

Colorful, modest, and oozing a Himalayan vibe, Patta Café just might make you believe that you’ve left Delhi behind and are in the mountains for a little while. Unlike the new-age cafés popping up across the city, Patta doesn’t hide behind a contemporary façade, focusing instead on plating different and oh-so-palatable dishes.

Eating at Patta is about experimenting with cuisines that are hard to find in Delhi. Here, you can try the hotness of ema datshi, Bhutan’s national dish, or savor the warmth of thenthuk, Tibiten soup with hand-pulled noodles. Spice lovers should pair their Naga smoked pork with raja mirch, also known as bhut jolokia – considered among the “hottest chilies in the world.” Also, don’t forget to end your meal with a hot cup of ginger honey lemon tea, bound to warm the cockles of your heart.

Address: Khasra No, 258, Lane Number 3, Saidulajab, New Delhi 110030

Red Bricks Café

Red Bricks Café is a no-frills eatery in Champa Gali, perfect to have a cuppa and munch on comfort food with your friends at any time of the day. There are plenty of interesting street art pieces around to provide Insta addicts with a week’s worth of posting material. The café creates a pleasant ambiance with occasional live music. And the garden-like setting results in a homely atmosphere that surprisingly works well even with Delhi’s fashion-conscious public.

Red Bricks Cafe serves a menu that includes a range of hearty offerings such as chicken kebab burger, pink sauce penne, Santa Fe quesadilla, and the yummy paneer tikka pizza.

Address: Khasra No 284/2, Gali No 3, Westend Marg, Saidulajab, New Delhi 110030

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