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Cafes in Delhi Perfect to Sit and Read a Book

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Admit it, whether you are a bibliophile or a casual reader, there is nothing better than sitting at a café, having a hot drink, and getting lost in a classic story.

Thankfully, there are plenty of quaint cafés in Delhi that act as perfect hosts for book lovers who want to step away from the daily grind and enjoy a few moments alone with a book.

Jugmug Thela

The one advantage of visiting Jugmug Thela near Saket is that it has its own book-wall featuring a variety of novels you can pick and read.

Add to that the location of the café in Champa Gali, a hip destination with funky street-art, and it’s a win-win situation for any bookworm who wishes to be in a magical place when they read a book.

Furthermore, Jugmug Thela creates the perfect reading ambiance with alfresco seating in the front and back of the café, as well as a menu featuring tasty snacks, tea, and coffee.

The Grammar Room

With abundant sunlight pouring in from the windows, The Grammer Room is the ideal spot for a book reading session.

Situated next to the famous Olive Kitchen and Bar, it has a classy yet casual look that gives the cafe an unmatched alluring personality.

The Grammar Room also has a little patio that overlooks a green expanse, perfect for when you want to be amidst nature, yet not far from the comforts of the city.

The menu at the café is refreshing with seasonal ingredients, presented in a manner that allows customers to feast with their eyes before indulging in the various flavor profiles.

Café Dori

Café Dori has an understated aura about it that makes it one of the best cafés in Delhi to read a book.

At first glance, there is nothing bookish about the place; unless you take into account the uber-cool stationery by Nappa Dori, their fashion accessories brand that sells a variety of products next door.

The café’s decor is industrial with a hint of quirkiness visible through the art in the toilet that consists of a dictionary with the word hygiene circled in it.

Café Dori is particularly great for readers who are animal lovers, as it is one of the few pet-friendly cafés in the city.

With the food being genuinely exceptional, there really shouldn’t be anything stopping you from taking your beloved book out for a date at Café Dori.

With an emphasis on serving delicious food, these culinary hotspots might not be your typical “book Cafés.” Still, they inevitably create an inviting atmosphere where bibliophiles feel welcomed and can spend hours lost in a favorite novel.

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