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Churails, A Pakistani Web Series, Shakes the Local Internet With Its Controversial Trailer

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Churails is an upcoming Pakistani web series to be premiered on August, 11 on Zee5, an online OTT platform. Asim Abbasi is the director of the web series who has also directed Pakistani movie ‘Cake’, available on Netflix.

The trailer shows us the story of four women from different fields of life, who join each other to start a private agency. The agency aims to investigate the extramarital affairs of the married men and how they cheat their wives.

There is something bad already happened with these women before they come together to show their power to the men.

The trailer of Churails took the internet with a storm

Churails were on top of Pakistan twitter in no time after the release of the trailer.

A person thought it is a real incident rather than a trailer due to its top trending.

Two days after its release, it remained in the top 5 twitter trends of Pakistan and kept the people engaged.

A glimpse of people who expressed their opinion on the trailer

People in Pakistan are excited after the trailer and are set to watch the series as soon as it is premiered on Zee5.

This is what a local news agency posted on their Instagram.

This web series is set to challenge the stereotypes of society. The trailer shows us not only the power a woman can exercise but also allows the freedom to live her life on her own terms.

The guy said it right, the first time people are waiting for the arrival of ‘churails’. It was not the case before this web series.

People also relating the web series as a flag bearer for feminism in Pakistan and a challenge to patriarchy.

The Pundits expressed their views as well

Such was the power of the trailer that few big names of the Pakistani and Indian industry couldn’t stop themselves to comment on the upcoming Pakistani web series.

Famous Pakistani showbiz journalist is excited about the message that the writer and director want to deliver through ‘Churails’.

Anurag Kashyap, the famous Indian film director, is a fan of Asim Abbasi and has added Zindgi original web series ‘Churails’ to his watch list as well.

Who are these churails and what the definition of a churail is?

Churails is different from the traditional Pakistani dramas where women are always shown as oppressed and have no authority.

All the dramas reflect the overall culture of Pakistan where men have a superior and authoritative role as compared to the submissive and passive role of the women.

Despite the traditional translation of churail as witch in English, here is what Zee5 has to say about the actual meaning of churail in the context of this web series.

Churail Yasra is telling a bit about all these churails who have played their part to define the new meaning of churail.

The trailer you want to see as well

We will not leave you without giving you a chance to see the trailer. Watch it and get yourself embraced for what is coming for you in Churails.

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