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COVID-19 Update: Is the Philippines Ready for Distance Learning?

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In the Philippines, the old-style classroom teaching is still the method that most of the schools and universities use.

So, when the pandemic hit and the lockdown started, it was difficult to transition from the classroom set up to distance learning.

Especially for students and teachers who did not have the resources for it.

Remote learning until a vaccine is developed

Although the president declared that there will be no physical classes allowed until a vaccine is made, a lot of private schools have shifted to distance learning for the school year.

This has left the students to decide whether to stop for a year or find a way to look for a laptop and a stable source of internet connection.

Laptops and a stable internet connection are considered luxuries in the country.

Even in known universities, these two are not available resources for many students and teachers.

You could imagine how much it hurt for the children who could potentially miss a year in school because they did not have both.

Since the monetary resources were allotted to support the basic food and medical needs of those affected by COVID, there was not much the government could do for the students.

This is where private individuals and companies stepped in. They donated gadgets to the children affected. For example, the ASUS Philippines and ASUS Foundation donated the laptops donated laptops, and Globe donated pre-owned laptops to public schools.

Some even made dedicated twitter accounts for this cause, one of which is Piso para sa Laptop (a peso for a laptop)

Some students even took the initiative to ask for donations themselves to sustain their schooling.

It has been a difficult couple of months for everyone in this pandemic.

For those who think the children have it easy, with the pending issue of distance learning, it is safe to assume some of them may have it even worse.

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