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Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh: Longest Beach in the World

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If you’re a beach (not talking about Carole Baskin) enthusiast, then the chances are very high that you’ve already heard about the longest natural sea beach in the world.

Cox’s Bazar is widely known for its 120km long uninterrupted sea beach.

Though in recent years, the name Cox’s Bazar might have caught your eyes for another reason. The largest refugee camp in the whole world, covering an area of 13 square kilometers, was built in Cox’s Bazar to accommodate the fleeing Rohingyas from Myanmar.

As of now, many charitable organizations are working there for the well being of those refugees.

Wooden fishing boat on the shore in Cox Bazar Sea Beach of Bangladesh

The Name

However, let’s explore more about the sea beach for now.

Cox’s Bazar was named after Captain Hiram Cox, who was in charge of Palonki (currently known as Cox’s Bazar) outpost as a superintendent. He later became the Governor of Bengal. It was around 1854 when a market named Cox’s Bazar was first established to commemorate Captain Cox.

Knowing your destination

Just before sunset

Cox’s Bazar has been a key tourist spot in Bangladesh for over generations now, among the people of the country. The beauty of this sea beach is second to none and yet to be discovered by international tourist communities.

A traveller riding a beach scooter at the Cox’s Bazar beach part fo the recreational activities

Though the area of the sea beach is completely unbroken, different sections were introduced and named according to flora and fauna found there. Himchori, Laboni, and Inani are the most popular points of the sea beach.

Photo Cox’s Bazar–Tekhnaf Marine Drive and surrounded trees from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf along the Bay of Bengal

However, the main sections can be a bit crowded at times. If you’re someone looking for more peace of mind and love to enjoy your vacation in rather quiet places, then I will suggest you go further south. You’ll find a lower crowd and also a more blue ocean there.

Accommodation and assimilation

The photo was taken behind infinity swimming pools to captured sunset beauty of the world longest sea beach Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

For accommodation, there is plenty of beachside 3-star and 5-star hotels which give you a great scenic view of the ocean from the balcony.

Shop are displaying seashell ornament at the world longest sea beach, Cox’s Bazar. Also, tourist are busy to that local manufacturer neckless

You will find souvenirs made of seashells anywhere on the sea beach and can also visit the Burmese market.

You can choose between street foods and fine dining while visiting Cox’s Bazar, both offering traditional dishes and different types of seafood.

Things to look out for

You’ll find the tourist police everywhere. So don’t worry about security while taking a midnight walk, though it’s advised not to do so. Do remember to look out for quicksand and high tide.

The easiest way to visit Cox’s Bazar is to catch a plane from the country’s capital Dhaka. So, if you’re ever in Bangladesh, don’t forget to visit Cox’s Bazar.

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