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Four Must-Visit Restaurants at CyberHub, Gurgaon

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View of the ground floor of Gurgaon’s famed CyberHub.

The idea behind CyberHub, when it first opened, was nothing short of revolutionary. It has since then played a significant part in adding to Delhi NCR’s already legendary food scene.

There have always been areas across the capital where you could find several restaurants in one area, but CyberHub created a one-of-a-kind gastronomic hotspot. At CyberHub, food lovers have a place where they can go, park their vehicle at a premium, and walk around casually choosing between a mindboggling variety of small eateries and big restaurants.

CyberHub has transformed into a bona fide culinary destination over time, but it isn’t just a place to eat. Surrounded by sky-high buildings, office goers typically stroll around the complex during their lunch break. A few clothes and novelty stores attract casual shoppers. And an open-air theater is a happening venue for regular live music performances.

In the end, what’s really unique about CyberHub is that you can go there for any occasion, be it a business lunch, a coffee chat with friends, a birthday celebration, or a memorable meal.


Full of eccentricities, ingredients from across the seas, and a novelty factor that gives it exclusivity, Parsi cuisine is comforting and fun to taste. While Mumbai’s Irani cafes have long been legendary, it wasn’t until Chef Anahita Dhondy opened SodaBottleOpenerWala at CyberHub that the people of Delhi NCR truly got to appreciate and relish the flavors of Parsi delicacies.

SodaBottleOpenerWala is as peculiar as its name. Made to look like a traditional Irani café, the restaurant has a homely charm with vintage photos and knick-knacks taking space on the walls. The food, though, is where one truly gets to appreciate Parsi cooking’s amusing nature, making it a must-eat, especially for ardent gourmands.

Must-Try: The chicken berry pulao is hands down SodaBottleOpenerWala’s pièce de résistance and, when eaten with mutton dhansak, makes for a divine meal. Other dishes worth trying are dahi ma ghost (lamb in yogurt gravy), egg wrapped keema pulao, Parsi prawn curry, and the traditional Parsi dessert, lagan nu custard.

The Wine Company

The Wine Company, at first thought, comes across as more of a drinking establishment, which it is, than a bonafide restaurant. However, perceptions can be wrong for the food at The Wine Company impresses as much, if not more than its extensive wine collection.

Boasting a beautifully stocked bar, the restaurant’s interiors are trendy but with rustic undertones that give it a pleasant and inimitable identity. A similar fusion is visible in the menu, which has Indian, Asian, Italian, and French influences.

Must-Try: The karari roti is a must-have at The Wine Company and pairs wonderfully with red wine. From the small plates section, the twice-baked crab souffle, crepe samosa, and goat cheese churros are the perfect way to commence your meal. For the mains, try the lamb pappardelle, grilled Himachali trout, or Kolhapuri raan, and you won’t be disappointed.

Farzi Cafe

Introducing the one-time trend of molecular gastronomy to the Indian culinary scene, Farzi Café has grown in popularity over the years. The interiors of their restaurant at CyberHub are subtle, allowing the food to take center stage.

Come evening, Farzi Café tries to create a moody atmosphere with dim lighting. However, that is also why to enjoy the brilliance of their preparations, you should visit the restaurant during the daytime and take a seat by the window.

Must-Try: Food at Farzi Café, primarily Indian classics, is visually appealing and tastefully complex. Skipping over the traditional plates, many of the dishes come in unusual platters – think toy truck or a mini telephone box. But the real fun is in the flavors, true to their origins but contemporary in style. Must have dishes at Farzi Café include murgh shorba cappuccino, shrooms and paneer dolma spheres, and the hot favorite Parle G cheesecake.

CyberHub Social

If quirk is what you want in your dining experience, look no further than CyberHub Social. Conceptualized as a Mumbaiya chawl (residential complex), the restaurant proves to be a feast for the eyes long before any of its preparations arrive on the table to satisfy myriad cravings.

Inside, there are separate themed-spaces from a hospital-like single bedroom to a conference room that can accommodate a larger party. The bar area, bright and colorful, follows a more traditional seating arrangement, albeit with curios that keeps the ambiance perky. The food is equally vibrant with a menu that is a fusion of classic comforts eats, done up in a unique Social style.

Must-Try: Start your meal with the tandoori momos and prawn sesame on toast, followed by either the OMG burger or the seekh and onion pizza. Finish up with the yummy PBJ and bacon amazeballs dessert and prepare yourself for a night of sweet culinary dreams.

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