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Best Food Delivery Kitchens in New Delhi

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Got the pandemic blues? Is untimely tummy rumbling making you wonder if skipping lunch was a good idea after all? Fear not, for one of the best ways to remember those pre-2020 “normal days” is ordering delicious preparations from some of the top food kitchens in Delhi.

Ever since COVID-19 invited itself into our lives, the very thought of going out typically leaves one-time diehard gourmands feeling feverish. Luckily, for those wanting to overcome the desire to eat “outside food,” there are several cloud kitchens in Delhi that send across delectable bites of food to your home in no time. While numerous dine-in restaurants also now deliver, we’ve tried to stick with options that are primarily delivery-only.

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Baking Bad

Pop culture references aside, one must praise Baking Bad for entering and prospering in the most popular delivery food sector – the pizza market. Preferring to serve “gourmet” pizzas instead of the standard Pizza Hut/Dominos stuff, Baking Bad attracts foodies who like to experiment with flavors and appreciate authenticity over cost. This is why Baking Bad is undoubtedly among the best delivery-only kitchen in Delhi.

Cooked on woodfire, the pizza pies at Baking Bad are available in three sizes, ranging from 9.5” to 17.5”. You can also customize the order by choosing from a variety of sauces and cheeses. The Neapolitan pizzas at Baking Bad are particularly noteworthy. Try the classic pepperoni or the bacon and leeks pizza for something different. Having more than enough options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, Baking Bad also has burnt garlic prawns, fish fingers, chicken wings, pasta, and various snacks on their menu.

Delhi Salad Co.

Healthy doesn’t have to be boring, and Delhi Salad Co. proves that with elan. Offering an array of fancy flavorful eats that won’t have you feeling guilty, there is surprisingly much to pick when ordering from this delivery only kitchen. The burrito bowl with cottage cheese, kidney beans, and broccoli is a powerhouse of a meal, whereas the roasted chicken egg pot is a must-have for egg lovers.

Typically, when ordering food, one has to give some leeway in terms of the dish’s overall look. Surprisingly, in the case of Delhi Salad Co., the presentation is as tempting as the taste. And, once you’re done eating healthy, there is always the possibility to cheat a little with a tiramisu or banoffee pie jar.

Sushi Junction

The popularity of sushi took its time to grow within Delhi’s influential circles. While initially enjoyed by a few gourmands, sushi soon transformed into a way of life, a trend that has people going gaga over maki, sashimi, uramaki, and nigiri. Helping sushi achieve this status was a handful of delivery-only outlets in Delhi, amongst which Sushi Junction is at the top.

The multi-award-winning Sushi Junction has Tomonaga Tejima as the CEO of the establishment. Having a native steer, results in Sushi Junction offering authentic preparations that remain true to Japanese culinary culture in taste and presentation. On the menu are over 25 different types of sushi, in addition to which you can also indulge in poke bowls, Japnese street food, and dim sums. The chicken teriyaki rice bowl, though, is an absolute must.

Behrouz Biryani

There’s a biryani war going on in Delhi. Two delivery kitchens are making waves by serving lip-smackingly good biryanis, and thus, celebrating one of North India’s most beloved rice dishes. On one corner is Biryani By Kilo. On the other is Behrouz Biryani.

In terms of packaging, Behrouz takes on a subtle approach. Unlike the earthen pot of BBK, Behrouz sends the rice in a standard cardboard box. The menu, though, is more extensive with zaitooni paneer, keema kefta, falafel, and Afghani tikka giving food lovers plenty of extra ingredients to choose from. In the end, when comparing both, it comes down to individual choice, but Behrouz Biryani definitely demands at least one try.

Sloppy Sticks

There are undoubtedly a few established delivery-only kitchens in Delhi that serve Pan-Asian food. However, it’s nice to indulge in a bit of change every now and then. That’s where Sloppy Sticks comes into the picture, and mind you, when we talk about food, they are anything but sloppy.

Sloppy Sticks’ menu at first plays safe with the classics. Think, chicken chili oil dumplings, veg black bean sauce bowl, hakka noodles, and California rolls. But then, the more in-depth a look you have, hidden gems show up, such as the closed truffle mushroom bao, Thai chicken salad larb gai, clay pot braised chicken, and yellow curry saucy dim sums. That the quantities are good and the prices reasonable is an added bonus.

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