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“Diyazen” Sri Lankan Mark In Robotics

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Sri Lanka’s first-ever humanoid robot, Diyazen, who speaks and can be commanded in Sinhala is in its final stages of innovation.

This is an exclusive triumph of Sri Lankan talents whose company Arimac, a digital solutions provider in Sri Lanka.

Hotel receptionist

Diyazen is designed to engage in customer services, mainly targeting the hotel industry where he can address all the requirements of the client.

Its intelligence is developed to identify individual guests, realizing whether this is a previous client and help in client queries.

They also hope to implement more abilities in subsequent versions like handling check-ins and issuing keycards.

The technology of Diyazen is much advanced which makes a versatile humanoid robot that will adapt in a broader context.

It utilizes CNN based high-speed semantic analysis technology and, is capable of identifying faces, gestures, and emotions with its 3D dynamic perception.

Here a notable fact is its battery, which allows automatic charging and 10 hours operating time making Diyazen easily manageable for business purposes.

Unlike most of the humanoid robots that were developed so far, Diyazen heights about 4.5 feet making it easier for clients to deal with.

Arimac is inspired to give the Sri Lankan traditional touch to Diyazen’s body design where they accomplished the appearance founded upon the Sri Lankan Raksha Masks. However, this is not merely a design of appearance but it carries 3D microphones. What a brilliant idea!

Modular platform

Diyazen is a modular humanoid robot platform that can be extended into multiple robot applications.

According to the CEO of Arimac Chamira Jayasinghe, this is an achievement of more than two years of hardship.

Yet they haven’t announced how much Diyazen will be. They plan to do mass manufacturing in China and hope to launch five versions of Diyazen eventually.

Sri Lanka is waiting for this glorious moment which will mark her name high in robotics sky.

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