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Top 7 Most Exotic Places in Japan

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Mount Fuji and cherry blossoms, Japan.

Known for its cherry blossoms, respectful citizens, and fantasy-like places, this country is straight-up beautiful. I’m talking about Japan, of course. Japan is located near the east coast of Asia, and it’s definitely a place to check out on your next vacation!

In this list, we’ve rounded the top seven most exotic places, based on their uniqueness, helpfulness, and impactfulness. You’ll find exotic animal islands, technology cons, and natural scenery on this list.

1. Get Overwhelmed with Cuteness at Fox Village

If you’re a fox lover like me, then you’ll definitely love this place! Located in Miyagi, it’s governed by fluffy, feisty animals that will battle for your attention–or your food. That’s right; Fox village is covered with vicious little animals. You’ll see reds, hybrids, and arctics, as well as guinea pigs, goats, rabbits, and horses.

Foxes have a large area to roam. They are very friendly and will greet you when you pull out your food. Yup, you can pet AND feed them! Overall, it’s very well maintained, with countless shops and snack shops.

So, other than making sure they don’t steal your bag when you’re not paying attention, this is definitely another place to check off on your Japan bucket list.

2. Make Memories At Mount Fuji

One of Japan’s sacred sites, Mount Fuji is definitely a beast to check out. Spanning 3,776 meters or 12,388 feet tall, this active volcano covered by mist and cherry blossoms. A walk to the top will take 5-10 hours.

Apart from the exercise you get while you trek, Mount Fuji is also a symbol of Japan. It signifies the physical, cultural, and spiritual geography. You can easily get a view by taking the train from Tokyo to Osaka 40 minutes into the journey.

3. Fight Off Snow Monkeys At Jigokudani Park

Have you ever wanted to watch monkeys bathe in hot springs? Me neither, but this magical snowy park in Japan is a great place to relax and take pictures.

Jigokudani Park is comprised of mountains, snow, bridges, hot water springs, and monkeys. A vast land filled with wildlife and the soft bubbling of water greets you as you explore the areas. There are tour guides, waterfalls, and even ski resorts located around the park.

4. Dine at a Robot Restaurant

Tokyo Japan – December 12, 2018: Robot restaurant in Shinjuku

Dancers. Food. Lazers. Disco lights. Music. Located in the nightlife district of Tokyo, the Robot Restaurant is a super unique experience. According to many, it is the “show of a lifetime.” You’ll never get this opportunity anywhere else, trust me.

So, why is this place so good? As you can tell from the robots and all the party spirit, Robot Restaurant is renowned as one of the wildest shows on Earth. A woman charges into battle, riding on top of a robot. Horse-men with swords gallop around and green lasers strike the room. Princesses, fairies, and bikini-girls dance and sing. There is also food and drinks while you’re watching!

The place literally feels like a cyberpunk future, with its neon lights and loud atmosphere. Don’t try to figure out what you’re seeing, because you won’t; just know that its freaking awesome!

5. Try the Seafood at Fish Market

Tokyo, Japan – January 15, 2010: Early morning in Tsukiji Fish Market. Worker laying out fresh fish and seafood on the counter.

Seafood is good. We know that.

But Japanese seafood. That’s a whole new level.

So, what if I told you that there was a 150m by 250m area made up of tons of Japanese seafood shops? That the place offers sushi, seafood, cooking, and taste testing? Not to mention that everything is really fresh!

Then, you’d be delighted to come to the Tsukiji Outer Market in Tokyo. If you want to grab an extra bite, this is definitely a place you should look forward to. If you want to learn more, watch Hiroyuki Terada’s video “The BEST Street Food In The World | Tsukiji Fish Market” on YouTube! He eats a TON of food and gawks at the cooking. You truly won’t find this place in any other part of the world.

6. Stop at an Ancient Temple in Nara Park

Deer grazes near Todai-ji Temple in Nara, Japan.

There are many ancient temples in Nara, and if you go to one, you’ll get close a deer. Literally and figuratively. How cool is that?

The Nara Park spans 660 hectares and it is known for its ancient temples and shrines, as well as their free-roaming deers, which are an attraction in themselves. You can pet and feed the deers, with their brown, fluffy fur and pointed snouts.

It is believed that the deers were sacred messengers of God, and an old deity named Takemikazuchi arrived on a white deer to act as the city’s protector. Since then, the park has been roaming with wildlife.

The old temple and shrines in the park also include Kofukuji Temple and Himuro Jinja Shrine. The Kofukuji Temple is the second highest pagoda in Japan. It was completed in 1436, almost 600 years ago. At the Himuro Jinja Shrine, you will be greeted by the cherry blossoms and the large shrine.

7. Visit Japanese Gardens And Cherry Blossoms at the Himeji Castle

Himeji, Japan – April 3, 2016: Himeji Castle with beautiful cherry blossom in the spring season.

Considered to be Japan’s most beautiful castle, Himeji Castle is enchanting with its pearly white walls. Built in 1346 by Akamatsu Sadanori, it has been preserved through time. Looking at it, you would only see a castle of no more than 70 years, but it has been existent for almost 10 times that amount.

Now, the castle is famous and regarded as a classic example of Japanese architecture. Its roofs reach up at the tips, grey roof tiles cascading off the sides. It looks like layers of a cake with its small head and large body. 83 advanced, defensive rooms from the feudal period inhabit the palace.

If the line isn’t too long, you should take a look inside and see exactly what it was like. On a bad day, you can take pictures at the front with your family and friends. It is a great Japanese symbol, one to be visited and remembered.

Is it on your bucket list yet? Go visit Himeji Castle, and all the attractions listed above!

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