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Top 7 Facts about Tajikistan You’ve Probably Never Heard of

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View of Dushanbe with Presidential palace and the Varzob River. The capital of Tajikistan, Central Asia

Have you heard about a country called Tajikistan?

Yes, the majority of people may say “No”!

Hence, we have collected interesting facts to introduce you to this Central Asian country.

Let’s first get acquainted with Tajikistan!

Tajikistan or the Republic of Tajikistan is the former Soviet Republic, located in the Central Asia region. The GDP of the country accounted for $8.1 billion, almost the same as Kyrgyzstan ($8.4 billion), Kosovo ($7.9 billion), and Haiti ($8.4 billion). (World Bank). The ethnic majority is Tajik, but there are many Uzbek and Kyrgyz people in the country. The vast majority, about 96.7% of the residents are Muslim. Besides, the population is young and increasing. Also, the birth rates are much higher than the world average. Over 64% of the population was below 30 years in 2016. (Britannica).

Now you have an insight into what Tajikistan actually is, so now let’s proceed to the interesting facts about Tajikistan.

1. Planet Tajikistan

Did you know that between Mars and Jupiter, there is a planet called “Tajikistan”? The contribution of Tajik scientists to the development of world astrophysics was so high, as a result of which the planet named in honor of their country. Hence, there is another Tajikistan around 250 million kilometers away from us. (Molbulak).

2. The second-highest flagpole

Tajikistan flag on the second tallest in the world flagpole. Central Park of Dushanbe

The flagpole constructed in Tajikistan in 2011 was the highest one in the world until 2014. Today it holds the second position with 165 meters (541 feet) after Jeddah Flagpole in Saudia Arabia, which is 170 meters (557 feet). (WowTravel).

3. Legends about the lake

Lake Iskenderkul means “Lake Alexander” in the local language. As the main charm of the country, various legends exist about the lake. One of them tells that during the campaign, Alexander the Great came across a village that did not want to be surrender. Eventually, he ordered to direct the river to the village to flood it, as a result of which Iskanderkul Lake formed. (Molbulak).

4. Guinness Records: The highest dam

Beautiful view of Nurek Reservoir in Tajikistan

The Nurek dam in Tajikistan was the tallest in the world with 304 meters (997 feet) until the Chinese government builds Jinping-I Dam, which is 305 meters (1000 feet). It was also included in the Guinness Records Book. Notably, the dam is higher than the Eiffel tower. (Stofaktov).

5. The largest mosque

The largest mosque in Central Asia will be in Dushanbe, the capital city of Tajikistan when the construction will be complete. Over 100,000 believers can accommodate in the mosque.

6. Population


Tajikistan’s population accounts for over 9 million, which is the half population of Kazakhstan. However, the territory of Tajikistan is about 5.5 percent of the area of Kazakhstan. (Vision).

7. Tajikistan and Afghanistan

The citizens of Tajikistan live in different parts of the world. From the Russian capital Moscow to Washington, you can encounter ethnic Tajiks. Interestingly, the number of Tajiks is much higher in Afghanistan than in Tajikistan. According to Sodikov, the expert of Moscow State Institute of International Relations, the number of Tajik people in Afghanistan was 13 million in 2018, around 4 million more than in Tajikistan.(MGIMO).

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