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Fake COVID-19 Certificate is a Real Threat in Bangladesh

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Is it possible to get your COVID-19 test result without even doing the test? In Bangladesh, the answer is YES.

While the world is fighting a single Pandemic, Bangladesh is fighting two of them. One of them is COVID-19, and the other is Corruption.

When most front liners are fighting with all their might against this deadly virus to keep people alive, few are busy trading the lives of the helpless for money and filling their pockets with that.

The art of killing a Nation

As a developing nation, it was going hard on Bangladesh from the very beginning of this COVID-19 pandemic, considering that they didn’t have enough kit or health care facilities to support 200 million people.

Since the number of hospitals operated by the government and the human resources required to run the test was pretty low compared to the demand, the authority decided to include some of the private hospitals and permit them to do the COVID-19 test.

That’s when it all went wrong.

Some people who acted as saviors at the beginning turned out to be the culprits pulling strings.

Patients who went to them seeking help regarding the COVID test were content with the service since the test didn’t take much time, and they were already heading home with the test result in their hand.

Little did they know, the authority handed them a fake test result without the test even being performed in the first place.

That let the hospitals abstain from the hassle of buying test kits, yet charge the patients for the tests.

Some migrant workers even willingly bought this kind of fake certificates showing Corona Negative to pass the immigration.

The responsible individual

The owner of Regent Group, Md Shahed, is one of the individuals who were solely responsible for pulling this kind of heinous act.

They even convinced patients of having coronavirus and then forcefully admitted those patients in ICU and charged a huge amount of money against that, where the patient was clearly suffering from some other disease and only came to inquire if they had caught the virus or not.

On the bright side, the culprit was caught before it was too late.

Country’s top newspapers published a series of articles regarding this incident.

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