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Flooding in Karachi, Pakistan

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An image of Karachi’s most populated area.

Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan, and its population is around 16,094,000. Karachi had the most devastating monsoon spells this year. The city is once again not prepared for this downpour and became another Venice. In just a few hours of continuous rainfall, many parts of the city have submerged into water. The streets are flooded, making it difficult for the vehicles and pedestrians to pass through. All the shops and markets are flooded, resulting in a huge loss for the businesses. People are seen swimming through the streets and trying to rescue their loved ones. Residents witnessed their valuables floating in the water.

Citizens losing their lives due to heavy rainfall

Additionally, many people lost their lives due to electrocutions caused by poor management of the electric supply company. The company does not have a proper system in place to reduce risk factors as well as minimize damages and worn-out insulators.
There is an increasing fear of the spread of water-borne diseases due to the muddle of rain and drain water. People are suffering from skin irritations and other bacterial infections. The citizens have lost their lives due to the havoc in the city. Houses of poor inhabitants have turned into pools, and many lost their last resorts.

Rescue efforts to save the lives of citizens in Karachi

Volunteers and other organizations have started rescue efforts to move citizens to safer places, mainly stuck inside their houses, office, or cars. These volunteers are also risking their lives to save others. In one incident, Faisal Edhi, son of renowned philanthropist Late. Abdul Sattar Edhi, now head of Edhi Foundation, survived drowning when their boat overturned while rescuing people.

The local administration and other government agencies have now started rescuing people from their houses who are suffering because of a heavy downpour.

The unexpected heavy rainfall turned disaster because of city administration and the provincial government’s mismanagement, which doubled miseries of poor citizens living in Karachi trying to meet routine needs.

The blame Game

The citizens have been blaming the ruling parties for not taking precautionary efforts to reduce risk factors to human lives and properties. At this point in time, the blame game is being played by all the stakeholders, government, and citizens. It is time for everyone to sit together and plan what has to be done to come to this crisis.

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