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Food Tours You Should Experience in 5 Asian Countries

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Culturally diverse and renowned for the wealth of different food heritages, Asia is a must-tour destination spot for foodies who want to tickle their tastebuds with something new. If you have an adventurous palate, perhaps a food tour is a great vacation plan for exploring an entirely new country!

Are you interested in planning a getaway to sample Asian dishes? Here are some ideas for places you can visit, and which dishes you absolutely must try during your food tour.

Myanmar Food Tour: A Chef’s Tour

A Chef’s Tour ( is considered an unmissable way to try Myanmar’s different cuisines. This tour kicks off at Mahabandoola Garden, where you will be greeted by the delicious smell of fresh fish grilling over charcoal. Eat this seafood barbecue with the classic Burmese dips of tamarind and chili sauce—perfect with a cold beverage!

You’ll also get to sample Indian food during this tour. Myanmar’s Little India has multiple spots for crispy dosas, stuffed samosas, and little pickles and curries that are sure to have your mouth watering for more. Try the Bengali sweets to refresh your palate after all those salty and sour flavors.

After Little India, your tour guide will take you to Myanmar’s Chinatown. Noodles, bao buns, and spring rolls are just some of the treats you’ll try. As if indulging in teahouse delights wasn’t enough, you’ll cap off your tour with some grilled skewers and an icy local beer. While the tour isn’t recommended for vegetarians, it’s certainly one that you can try again and again—because different stalls and stores keep different hours, no two Chef’s Tours ( are exactly the same!

Bangkok Midnight Food Tour by TukTuk

Thai cuisine is famous for its use of herbs and spices, and what better way to make sure you try all the country has to offer than by booking a food tour? Ride one of the ubiquitous three-wheeler tuk-tuks to sample what Thailand eats at night, with a foodie guide who will take you to all the best local spots for specialties like pad thai and papaya salad.

With a tour that combines visiting temples and historical sites with some delicious food, your Bangkok stay will definitely fill your heart and tummy with some incredible experiences. Get swept away by the taste of fried rice noodles, fresh fruit, and Thai broths fragrant with chili and basil. Cool off with a stop at a rooftop bar, where you can indulge with a great view of this bustling city.

It’s a little pricier than some other food tours you can try, but it comes highly recommended because you visit so many stops—many of them secret spots out of typical tourist areas. The guides also speak excellent English, so you won’t have to worry about asking any questions for other places you should visit.

Secrets of Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine With Market Tour From Cookly

For a unique twist on the typical foodie trip, Cookly offers a special Vietnamese cooking class ( where you will be taken on a Saigon markets tour and taught how to cook traditional Vietnamese dishes. On the Cookly tour, your chef and teacher for the day will accompany you and teach you how to pick fresh ingredients.

You will then return to the cooking class only mere minutes away on foot to learn how to make three Vietnamese dishes and one dessert. Refreshments will be served to keep you hydrated in the kitchen, and you’ll be given all the recipes after so you can prepare them at home and impress your friends!

Check out the dishes scheduled for the week—no two days have the same class! Traditional spring rolls, grilled pork with lemongrass, and the famous savory pancake banh xeo are just some of the things you can learn how to make. From fish sauce to chili and peanuts, you’ll learn all about Vietnam’s best flavors in the most unforgettable way possible—with your mind and palate!

Hong Kong Foodie Tasting Tours

Few endorsements are as reliable as getting the Hong Kong Tourism Board’s seal of approval, but locals and seasoned travelers alike eagerly promote the Hong Kong Foodie Tasting Tours. This tour series won the 2019 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award, and is part of their 2019 and 2018 Hall of Fame—that only goes to show that you’ll be great hands.

You can pick from one of their many tours depending on which area you want to explore. The Tai Po Market Foodie Tour is a standout for adventurous foodies because of the stops for beef brisket and snake soup. First-timers and lovers of classic Hong Kong flavors will adore the dim sum and fresh baked goods served on the Central and Sheung Wan Foodie Tour.

You can get tickets so you can save slots with a mixed group, or arrange for a private group tour if you’re traveling with a large number of people. Check out their official site to find out what time each tour starts and what kind of food you’ll get to try—one thing’s for sure, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on one of these Hong Kong cuisine trips!

India Food Tour

India Food Tour offers some of the most customizable packages if you want to explore Indian cuisine in a structured way. Contact them to arrange your transport and logistics—they’ll offer some suggested spots that are a must for the duration of the area that you’re visiting. Delhi and Agra are two places that are usually included in their tours, and Jaipur and Varanasi are just two of the many other optional places you can visit during your vacation.

Apart from cooking and yoga classes, they’ll arrange for you to sample sweet lassis, butter chicken, mutton curry and stuffed, fried rotis full of spiced vegetables. You’ll be able to visit the markets and see the famous Taj Mahal, all with the comfort of an airconditioned vehicle. It’s highly recommended that you tour India for at least a week with them to see everything the country has to offer!

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