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Guinness Records in Uzbekistan: Over 7,000kg Pilaf and Other Uzbek Records

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Many people, tourists, and guests who came to Uzbekistan know the charming taste of Uzbek pilaf. Pilaf or plov is a rice dish that is very popular among Central Asian nations.

In 2017, The largest pilaf in the world was prepared in Uzbekistan. It has included in the list of Guinness records as a first national Uzbek dish. The official certificate is given to organizers by vice president of the World Guinness Records Richard Sten.

Pilaf is the favorite dish of Uzbek people.

Mega pilaf prepared by 50 cooks in 6 hours. The weight of the dish was 7360 kg.

According to BBC, 1900 kg rice, 2700 kg carrots, 1500 kg beef, 400 kg mutton, 220 kg tail fat, 440 liters vegetable oil, 57 kg salt, 190 kg raisins, 100 kg peas were added to the pilaf.

The huge pilaf distributed to Charity organizations – “Muruvvat” (humanity), “Saxovat” (generosity), nursing homes, elderly care homes, disabled care homes, and festival guests at 14 distribution points. BBC.

Another mega pilaf cooked in Denov, another city of Uzbekistan. The weight of the dish was 8 tons, more than the pilaf prepared in Tashkent. However, authorities stated that the pilaf cooked not to renew the World Record set in Tashkent, but rather to test the skills of chefs. The festivals were also arranged during the event. Daryo uz.

Other world records of Uzbekistan

The oldest female gymnast in Olympic history is Oksana Chusovitina from Uzbekistan. She started her career in the late 1980s for the Soviet Union. She may become 4th oldest Olympic gymnast since 1920. Tashkent Times.

Jamshid Turaev performed two-finger pull-ups 19 times and entered the world Guinness Records book.

The most simultaneous blindfolded chess game world record was achieved by Timur Gareyev. He played a total of 48 games, which lasted for 19 hours and 9 minutes. Players were interrupted for half an hour due to a fire alarm. The chess player from Uzbekistan, Timur Gareyev achieved 35 wins, 7 draws, and 6 losses. The previous world record belongs to German master Marc Lang. Guinness World Records.

Are you interested in soccer? Do you know that an Uzbek referee officiated the largest number of matches in a single World Cup?

Ravshan Irmatov set the world record and become the first referee that officiated 9 World Cup matches. He is a four-time AFC (Asian Football Confederation) Referee of the year winner.

The previous record for the number of officiated matches belongs to 3 referees. In 1994, it was accomplished by Joel Quiniou of France, and two other referees Benito Archundia of Mexico and Jorge Larrionda of Uruguay officiated equal games to him in 2010. Kunju.

Muhtaram Aliyev, an Uzbek athlete entered several times to the world Guinness records. An athlete lifted 12 kg stone 118 times in a minute. It was set in the city of Arkhangelsk in 2013.

World’s largest Lagman was cooked by Uzbek chef Hakim Ganiev. Lagman is one of the most favorite dishes of Central Asian people after pilaf. Kun uz

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