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3 Spooky Things to do for Halloween in South Korea

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Everyone knows that October is a month for all things spooky in America, celebrating with trick-or-treating, haunted carnivals and amusement parks, and dressing up in scary costumes. In most recent times, South Korea has adopted Western Halloween traditions and also has been celebrating the spooky holiday throughout the country.

Even though Halloween is more celebrated by the younger generations, there are many activities that Koreans enjoy and haunted places people can visit during October. Many teenagers and college students flock to these areas to take photos, have a scary experience, and have fun on Halloween. Here is a list of spooky things to do over Halloween.

1. Lotte World Haunted House

What better way to celebrate Halloween than to visit an amusement park with haunted attractions? Lotte World hosts a Halloween Haunted House Festival in the month of October for visitors to enjoy.

Zombie Costume, Seoul, Korea

There are many mazes such as the Ghost House Horror Maze, which has many great reviews online for having great jump scares. There is a height requirement of 55 inches, and people just walk through the maze while encountering scary ghouls and ghosts.

The Haunted House in Lotte World is the first ever 4D horror theater that was created in South Korea. You get a full experience because the wind will shoot out at your face and there will be raindrops that make it feel as if you are really in the haunted house.

The Lotte World Halloween Parade also takes place in the night, filled with fun zombie dances, people dressed in amazing costumes to take pictures with, photo zones like the Modern Boutique, and a fun show for children and families to enjoy.

(Zombies at the Modern Boutique, Lotte World, Korea)

The park also has a theme that changes every year, like a zombie, a ghost, and other spooky themes. There are also dark horror themed rides that people ride, such as the Haunted Mansion and a 4D Zombie VR experience.

Lotte World still has the daytime rides available throughout the Halloween experience, so you can ride the normal rides like the Gyro Drop and the roller coasters. There are also many restaurants inside the park, so make sure to grab a yummy slice of pizza.

2. Yongma Land

Yongma Land is an abandoned amusement park in the Jungnang District of Seoul that opened in 1980. However, the park ran out of business because of its huge competitors such as Everland and Lotte World.

The amusement park is uniquely still open to the public for a 10,000 Won entrance fee. Many visitors go to Yongma Land to take cool photos in cosplay outfits. Many photographers frequent the abandoned park to take unique and artistic photos.

Because the park is not maintained, there are some figures and rides that have been there since 1980. There are chips and cracks in the sculptures, but this creates an imaginative aesthetic for photos and cosplaying.

(Cosplay at Yongma Land, Seoul, Korea)

It is even known that the park will turn on the lights for the rides for you at an additional cost. Visiting the park would be a very unique and spooky experience for the Halloween season in Korea.

Many people pose on the rides for photos, but make sure to be very careful because the park is very old and can be dangerous to climb up on the rides. It is not recommended to be in the dangerous areas of the park.

3. Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital

Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital is very well known for being one of the most haunted places in South Korea. The hospital was suddenly closed in the 1990s, and has been abandoned ever since.

(Gonjiam Asylum, Gonjiam, Korea)

There have been many rumors and horror stories about the hospital, such as the hospital closing down because patients were mysteriously dying. Gonjiam is closed to the public, but some have visited and taken horrific photos inside the facility. The hospital is located in the Gyeonggi Province of South Korea, around one hour away from Seoul.

Many people may have seen the documentary style horror film about the Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital called “Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum” directed by Bum-Shik Park. The film is about a group of college students who go into the hospital and have horrific encounters with ghosts. They encounter a terrifying experience as they cannot tell if everything is happening in real life, or if the characters are imagining the ghosts.

(Gonjiam Movie, Bum-Shik Park)

After the film’s success, tourists have tried to visit the facility to take photos and for the chilling experience. There have been people who have taken scary photos, with cracked walls and torn down walls. Because the hospital is closed off, it is not recommended to visit because trespassers are not allowed to go inside the facility.

The visitors often say they can hear voices and see ghosts at the hospital, and bring back scary stories to tell their friends and family.

However, even though the hospital is closed, you can still visit the area from a distance. Gonjiam is also well known for its ski resort that is only a few miles away, so visitors can stay at the resort while having a fun time skiing and snowboarding. There is a spa in the resort, so people have a nice dip in the cold winter. There are many restaurants nearby where people can enjoy good stews and delicious Korean dishes.

Even though there aren’t as many people in Korea who celebrate Halloween as they do in the states, the holiday did get more popular over the years. Ranging from amusement parks, mazes, ghost houses, events, to asylums, there are many activities people can enjoy in Korea during the spooktacular holiday of October.

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