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Demand for Healthy Meal Delivery Services Rises In Hong Kong amidst COVID-19

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COVID-19 social-distancing rules take a heavy toll on Hong Kong’s business sectors. Currently, some stringent restrictions in dining are still imposed in the city. For example, local eateries are restricted from operating at 50 percent capacity, and only two people are allowed to sit per table. The fitness sector is also heavily hit. Gyms, sports clubs, and dance studios are forced to close for more than months.

We also see lots of people working from home — or choosing to stay at home as a result of the current situation — takeaways, and food deliveries have been more popular than ever. In the meantime, the demand for healthy food delivery services is rising. With increased snacking, reduced exercise, and increased levels of stress during COVID, it’s perfectly normal for us to struggle with weight gain.

Therefore, some boutique meal providers are taking this chance to take their businesses to the next level. If you find your jeans are feeling more than a little too tight on the waistband after months in lockdown, don’t worry! Turn to these healthy meal delivery services in Hong Kong – quick, convenient, delicious dishes delivered straight to your home or office. Looking to kickstart your healthy regime? Let’s have a look at the city’s top meal plans!


Nosh prides itself on sourcing the best ingredients so that customers enjoy a delicious meal in the comfort of their home or office. They deliver 3 – 4 wholesome meals per day each morning. Their meals are designed by the in-house chef team and prepared fresh daily. They offer a great variety of food, including mushroom, broccoli, steak, potatoes, and scrambled eggs. There is also a vegetarian option. Customers can find the calories and nutritious content per each meal from their website. Thanks to its quality food and customer-centric approach, Nosh has become one of the most successful food startups in Hong Kong. And it even gets stronger in the wake of COVID. Maximilian von Poelnitz, the founder of Nosh, says the firm is seeing the strongest demand in its four-year establishment. The company is also a portfolio business with the Alibaba Entrepreneur Fund. Looking for a complete meal package for your day? Nosh is your top choice!


Eatology provides premium, tailor-made meal programs and delivers delicious, healthy food to the door. They have over 100 unique gourmet recipes that have been created to fulfill your specific health needs. Their professionally prepared meals are designed by renowned chefs, tested by dietitians.

One of their highlights is the Mediterranean diet meal plan. The diet is recommended for people with diabetes and high blood pressure. It focuses on healthy fats (such as olive oil) and a variety of healthy whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, grains, and spices.

Guillaume Kaminer and Christophe Daures are the co-founders of Eatology. They both worked in finance and struggled to find healthy meals in Hong Kong. Therefore, they launch Eatology. Want to eat healthy but have no time? Now you have no excuse!


Gafell offers frozen made food for informed eaters. The company was founded by Tommy Leung, an entrepreneur who moved to Hong Kong from Sweden in 2015. Tommy believes that frozen foods could be prepared with skill and care, respect for ingredients, and the planet. Gafell’s mission is to revolutionize food delivery by showing that great frozen food can be affordable, delicious, and convenient.

Customers can place an order directly from their website. The meal boxes can be kept in the freezer for up to 8 months. Gafell also collaborates with some retailers in Hong Kong to cater to the needs of brick-and-mortar customers. With its great distribution network, Gafell is penetrating into the market rapidly.

Wada Bento

Wada Bento is another promising food tech company that has emerged stronger amid the pandemic. The team owns Hong Kong’s first hot bento vending machine license. All food and recipes are prepared by Japanese chefs so customers can enjoy the authentic Japanese taste. The healthy, nutritious, and delicious bento boxes are delivered to customers by vending machines only within 20 seconds.

While the coronavirus has dealt a heavy blow to the foodservice industry around the world, Wada Bento is finding innovative ways to adapt to the changes and thrive in the pandemic environment. Hassle-free online ordering and fulfillment processes are their winning strategies. Strict food safety and hygiene measures are implemented to give customers confidence.

In early 2020, Wada Bento R&D Centre moved to the Cyberport Entrepreneurship Centre. The R&D Centre is partially sponsored by Cyberport’s Incubation Programme. It strengthens Wada Bento’s research and future development in their vending machine technology. Wada Bento mitigated the short-term challenges during COVID, and they are definitely one of the startups to watch in 2020!


Youni offer 80 + different freshly cooked meals and snacks across five different cuisines every month. Customers can select meals based on their goals – whether it is to get lean, stay healthy, or gain muscle. The company’s name is a play on the word “You” and the word “I.”

Staying true to its mission, Youni also sells instant food to give customers more options. Their instant chicken breast and roasted salmon are just perfect snacks for gym-goers.

While COVID-19 is challenging us individually every day as our lives are disrupted, we need to make the best out of the worst situation. For sure, no one likes a pandemic! It represents a discouraging future for some businesses; however, it also creates opportunities for others. If you are ready to start a new business, think of a way to create value for your customers during this trying time. If you are not an entrepreneur, you can also take this good chance to start eating healthy, support local businesses, and adopt new good habits!

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