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High Population Density And COVID-19 Control In Bangladesh

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Before diving straight into the answer, let’s consider some facts and pieces of information that we have gathered.

Many nations were hit hard by the coronavirus in the past few months. Some managed to fight their way out of it, while few are still struggling to get a grip on the situation. And Bangladesh is one of the nations that went up in ranking over time with a surge in the number of coronavirus cases.

Failing to cope up as a Government

Having to feed and shelter a nation of 200 million people, Bangladesh has always been at a disadvantage because of the high-density population. Bangladesh was on the list of “Least Developed Countries” for a long time, but not anymore, thanks to the government and economic growth.

Security personnel announcing for maintain Social distance to the people who came for Covid -19 test at BSMMU in the capital of Bangladesh on April 20,2020.

However, this highly dense population has always brought more misfortunes than blessings and is no different in this time of coronavirus as well. From the very beginning of this pandemic, the government of Bangladesh has failed to keep up with the spread of this deadly virus.

With the lack of proper management as well as prior preparation, the country ended up with a lot less testing kits, PPEs, ICU beds, and Ventilators in hands than the actual amount it requires to serve this massive population. As a result, an average of 12,000 tests is being performed daily, where the demand remains over 100,000 tests a day.

A Carefree Nation

Next comes the mass people of that nation, being as carefree as they can be. Though a countrywide lockdown was imposed from the 17th of March, people were too apathetic to follow those rules.

People in a queue for collect goods from a truck van during the nationwide lockdown as a preventive against the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak in Dhaka, Bangladesh on April 1, 2020.

While the shutdown of all educational institutions helped keep Generation Z locked at home away from the virus, Millennials and Baby Boomers seem to have made up for that. The majority of them are not even wearing a mask while going out, let alone maintaining the social distance.

Don’t be surprised if you see people hugging things out or shaking hands on the street amid the pandemic, because social distancing was never a thing for them.

Now that the number of cases surpassed 250,000, people are making travel plans to celebrate the achievement. Well, maybe it’s too much to ask from a nation, where many people still live under the poverty line and have to go out daily to feed all the mouths in the family.

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