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Hingol National Park, an Adventurous Tour along the Makran Coast in Pakistan

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Karachi to Gwadar port Coastal highway passing thought the Sacred Buddha mountains

Makran coastal highway connects Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan, to Gawadar, a city with a deep seaport. Traveling on this highway is not less than any adventure. The beautiful road is surrounded by mountains and rocks to give you a feel of calmness and thrill at the same time.

The adventure doesn’t end here because along the Makran coast, lies the second largest national park of Pakistan. Your tour along the Makran coast is not complete unless you have explored the Hingol National Park. It is the only national park in Pakistan that has both marine and terrestrial habitats.

It has an area of 616,118 hectares and covers three districts of the southern province Balochistan. The districts include Gawadar, Awaran, and Lasbela. Following is a beautiful picture of animals in the Hingol National Park shared by WWF-Pakistan on their twitter account.

Here is the list of few places in the Hingol National Park that you just don’t want to miss when visiting the place.

Kund Malir Beach:

The beach we are talking about here is part of Hingol National Park, a 150km drive on the Makran coastal highway from Karachi. It is included in the top 50 beautiful beaches of Asia by Flight Networks. The mountains, desert, and the sea surrounding this beautiful shoreline, everything that you can ask for a perfect spot to spend your day.

Following is a short video of the view of Kund Malir Beach on the official Instagram account of Hingol National Park. The beach is located at the bottom edge of Hingol National Park.

Mud Volcano in Hingol National Park:

Mud Volcano in Hingol National Park, Balochistan, Pakistan, taken in August 2019

Located in the district Lasbela, the mud volcanos are also part of Hingol National Park on Makran coastal highway. The mud volcanos are few kilometers off the road on the way from Lasbela to Gawadar. There are about 10 clusters of mud volcanoes in Hingol National park. The most famous ones are Chandragup and Khandewari volcanoes.

The site has three major mud volcanos named Chandragup 1, Chandragup 2, and Chandragup 3 with some small volcanoes as well. This place is considered sacred by the Hindu community and pilgrims from different parts of the country and India visit the place on their visit to the ancient temple of Hinglaj Mata Mandir that is also nearby.

Princess of Hope:

Previously known as the ‘Princess of Desert’ is a natural rock formation in Hingol National Park. It looks like the statue of a princess standing between rocks and mud mountains. The name “Princess of Hope” is given to the statue by famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie on her visit to the place.

Princess of Hope is surrounded by the mountains of mud and rock. It is located in Lasbella as well, the district of Baluchistan. It is a beautiful spot for passionate hikers and climbers as highlighted by the following tweet of the Pakistan Embassy in Ireland to promote tourism.

The Mountains and Wild Life in Hingol National Park:

There is a series of mud and rock mountains in Hingol national park that is worth watching. The beautiful and enchanting scenery will soothe your eyes and make the day perfect for you. Here is a glimpse of the rocks just on the edge of Kund Malir Beach in Hingol National Park.

The rock formation of the mountains in Hingol national park is a mysterious one and you would not like to miss exploring it when traveling along the Makran Coast in the southern part of Pakistan. Here are a few mesmerizing pictures of the rock and mud mountains to give you an idea.

Focus on the preservation of wildlife is not ignored by the authorities as well. You will find ibex, markhor, and many other animals in the Hingol National park that adds to the beauty of the park and make your tour an adventurous and thrilling one. Here is a picture of the animals wandering in different areas as highlighted by the official Instagram account of Hingol National Park.

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