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Hong Kong: Voluntary Coronavirus Testing Plan, Blessing, or Cruse?

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Recently, Hong Kong is facing the third wave of coronavirus, more and more people got infected, and more death cases are recorded.

The city is implementing different measures to prevent diseases from spreading further. The Infectious disease expert claimed that the mass testing plan could contain the third wave as more invisible patients could be detected.

The Secretary for Food and Health Sophia Chan said that the authority would study the method of sample taking, which includes nasal swabs, deep throat saliva samples, or throat swabs.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced that three laboratories from mainland China had been selected to carry out the test.

A team of 60 medical experts from China would also help in carrying out the process. She added that if the citizen’s testing result is positive, they will use a barcode to define it.

People cross the streets on Causeway Bay, They wearing face masks to prevent Coronavirus(COVID-19).

Perks of the universal testing plan

As many Hong Kong people are working in China before the epidemic outbreak, they want to return to China to work.

However, they need a nucleic acid report to prove that they are healthy and are not infected with the virus.

By having the universal testing plan, the commuters back to China do not need to wait for the private clinics to provide expensive and long-awaiting testing results.

The testing plan could reassure the public because people are afraid that they may get infected.

Moreover, the voluntary scheme could help the government to identify COVID-19 cases more precisely. Chief Executive Carrie Lam also pointed out that testing more could help to isolate positive cases faster.

Citizens wearing the face masks in the Subway to prevent Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection in Hong Kong. From Feb 2020 to May 2020

Possible Conspiracy behind the plan

There are many rumors in Hong Kong pointing out the DNA testing results would send back to mainland China for further political control on Hong Kong people.

Although Carrie Lam stated that the testing staff would not know the identities of those who provided those samples, the public pointed out that some technology could picture a person’s identity by only knowing his/her DNA.

The public is concern about the situation and hoping the government could provide more information about the scheme.

Wuhan Virus spread to Hong Kong in late Jan 2020. And this is how people live within this period of time. The audience of busking is all with masks on.

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