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Quick Introduction to Hot Springs in Tajikistan

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For many people, taking a hot spring bath amidst beautiful scenery is a major part of the trip.

Pamir mountains in Tajikistan is the collection of mineral waters and hot springs. In the South-West and South-East Pamir, more than 70 healing springs were found, saturated with the mineral components

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the famous hot springs in Tajikistan that you should visit.

Garm Chashma Hot springs

(Photo Credit: Raki_Man, CC BY 3.0)

The springs of Garm Chashma is situated in the south of Tajikistan, about 12 hours way in a car from the capital city Dushanbe.

You can stay in the popular balneological resort of Tajikistan in your trip to the Garm Chashma. Surrounded by the great Pamir mountains with fascinating sights, the Garm Chashma Resort is located at the altitude of 2770 metres (1.72 miles).

Mountains in the surrounding area are covered with black currants, spruces, firs and you can see a willow, poplar, birch as well as many other species of trees. (Vecherka,

The health resort visitors take 20-25 baths, which lasts from 15 to 25 minutes. Remaining in the water for long hours is not allowed. The temperature of hyperthermal mineral water of hydrogen sulfide-carbonic siliceous can reach +64 °C.

Although Garm Chashma is mainly composed of hot springs, the cold springs such as Hosguni, Zund, Chursh also exist.

According to locals, the waters of Garm Chashma caused a positive effect in the health of many people, even those whose treatment was refused by the top tabibs (local healers) of the country.

You can relax in the purest mountain air and remove all the stress as well as negative emotions by visiting the hot springs. (Central Asia Travel,

Khoja Obigarm

Khoja Obigarm is another widely-used hot spring, which is located 48 km (29.8 miles) north of Dushanbe city. The modernized and newly restored resort can host 700 people and is waiting for the guests.

The main advantage of the springs is mineral radioactive waters, which is full of alkali and silicic acid. The temperature of the water is 45-96 °C.

The resort has specialized medical offices, bathrooms, laboratories and a mud bath. (Asia Travel,

The Khoja Obigarm resort has great opportunities to host and serve a group of travellers. The connection to Wi-Fi is free and guests can rent conference halls for meetings.

Any people can find an excellent opportunity to spend time in active movement. Visitors can also book tours to mountains and waterfalls. (Khoja Obigarm,

Fatima Zuxra hot springs

Another popular hot spring is located in the village of Yamchuk, Wakhan valley.

The water is saturated with elements like sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, hydro carbonate, chloride, flint and metaboric acid.

Near the springs, there is a resort for tourists, where you can stay during the treatment.

The temperature of the springs is about +40°C, not as high as Hodja Obigarm or Garm Chashma but convenient.

Like the majority of the hot springs in Tajikistan, Fatima Zahra spring is divided into 2 sections: for men and women. Men and women are not allowed to take a bath in one place. According to the locals, the springs are mainly intended for women.

The entrance to the hot springs is by session and maximum of 20 people can enter in one session. (Caravan,

Let’s travel to Tajikistan and relax in the beautiful and healing hot springs of the mountainous country.

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