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Indian Non-Vegetarian Dishes for Meat Lovers

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The Indian platter varies and shows different tastes as you move throughout the country.

You get more of a Tibetan cuisine in the North East, spicy and lip-smacking Punjabi platter in Northern India, southern delectable seafood in entire South India, and coastal areas.

To pin down a few dishes for the non-vegetarian lover can be difficult. However, here are the best Indian non-veg dishes to represent each palette and region, and easily available in international Indian restaurants:

Butter Chicken

Perhaps you already know of this dish and might have tried a hand at making it in your kitchen.

Butter chicken is a traditional Punjabi dish that you can find in any Indian restaurant internationally and nationally.

It is a tangy tomato-based curry dish that is thick, gives a melting in your mouth feel with bits of chicken.

The name gives away the most dominant feature of this dish, which is butter topped on the gravy to give a mildly spicy and mouthwatering experience.

Traditional Indian Chicken Curry Dish Served in a Bowl.

Goan prawn curry

Goa is India’s internationally known vacation and party spot is also known for its amazing seafood platter.

Goan prawn curry is one of the dishes that is best when you dish it with rice. If you’re looking for something spicy, and taste the flavors of the Indian coastline, Goan prawn curry is the best option.

It is a dish that uses the flavors of prawns, coconut, chilies, in an orange-colored curry, and a must-try for people looking for the essence of Indian seafood in one dish.

Goan Prawn Curry

Mutton Korma

Mutton Korma is one of the best mutton dishes you can try from Indian cuisine.

Prepared with a delectable fusion of cardamom, curd, cloves, ginger, and garlic paste, among other complementary spices, you definitely want to try this famous Indian party dish.

Moreover, the mutton pieces and the general scent of this dish has its own place in the Indian party culture, and easily available in restaurants internationally.

Indian style mutton curry with thick spicy gravy/Indian style meat dish

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