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6 Best Insta-worthy Spots in Con Dao Islands, Vietnam

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Located in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province in the South of Vietnam, Con Dao is one of my favorite places in the country. It’s not because of the lively nightlife I cannot forget, but the stunning landscape and dreamy town that caught my eyes and made me want to stay forever.

Arriving in Con Dao with my Sony A6000 camera is probably one of the best experiences I’ve got in my entire life as a digital nomad.

Without further ado, I’ve compiled a list of my 6 favorite places in Con Dao Island where you can snap the best shots of your life.

A Brief Introduction about Con Dao Island

Con Dao is named to an archipelago of 16 mostly deserted island located off the Southern coast of Vietnam.

It was once known as the “hell on Earth” where the Vietnamese patriots were kept hostage during the Indochina War and Vietnam War. Nowadays, Con Dao emerges as a real tropical paradise with the expansive beaches shaded with evergreen trees.

Con Dao to me is not a touristy-kind-of seaside town. It is still able to preserve the deserted beauty as it has always been doing for centuries.

The island of Con Dao boasts a wide range of outdoor activities such as island hopping, lazing on the beach, hiking and food sampling.

Con Dao island

Con Dao is not a big area. 3 nights are more than enough to cover everything from historical landmarks to the breathtaking beaches.

The biggest reason why I carve Con Dao in my heart is how gorgeous the island is. During my 3-day trip, I checked out all the most Insta-worthy corners on the island, from the extensive beaches to the vintage cafeterias and bars.

Best Time to Visit Con Dao

The best time to hit Con Dao is during the dry season, which lasts from November to February. Yes! It makes so much sense because no one wants to stroll down the beach in the rains.

However, there is something special about Con Dao that sets it apart from other famous destinations in Vietnam – the turtle nesting season.

If nature shots are all you’re looking for, remember to hit the Bay Canh Island from June to September! This is when thousands of turtles returning to the coastline where they were born and give birth to the next generation.

And if you’re a skilled diver who likes to snap the magical marine life under the sea, get to Con Dao from February till July to embark on the best diving excursions!

6 Most Insta-worthy Spots in Con Dao Islands

Lo Voi Beach

My favorite place to snap the best Instgrammable shot for my feed is definitely Lo Voi Beach. The beach is located at the Northeastern end of the island. It boasts a gorgeous ribbon of white sand running along the chain of coconut trees.

When I arrived at the beach on a windy day in August, no one was there! It became an absolutely fabulous experience for me to capture as many stunning angles as I could!

The sea was shallow and clear. Each gust of wind kissed on my skin after drifting through the trees. I spotted two skeletons of wrecked fishing vessels sleeping on the sand which made it a perfect background that inspired me!

Looking far away, you will spot the extensive hills of the Shark Cape reaching out to the sky and kissing the waves.

All in all, Lo Voi Beach is such a calm and peaceful place to get your pictures done! If you’re looking for a decent place with fewer people, put Lo Voi Beach on your bucket list and you won’t be disappointed!

Dat Doc Beach

The next place you should check out is Dat Doc Beach. This is one of the most sought-after beaches in Con Dao. One thing to keep in mind is that a majority of the beach is guarded by the ultra-luxurious Six Senses Resort.

However, the other area still makes it an irresistible place to swim, snorkel and snap some shots. You can also find a piece of land under the shady coconut trees to throw a picnic and plan an Instagram concept from it!

Ong Dung Beach

Ong Dung Beach has one of the most crystal waters in Vietnam. Getting there isn’t an easy feat! There is quite a steep walking path that you have to hike to reach the beach itself.

The unmarked trails leading to your destination forks out often and most likely filled with spider webs. However, if you’re lucky and attentive enough, you might even come across the century-old heritage trees.

Con Dao Islands are one of the star attractions in Vietnam.

The area isn’t known for sandy shores, but if you’re seeking the respite, lawn chairs are easily available for rent. The beach is within proximity of protected waters, so keep your tickets handy in case the guard asks for it.

Six Senses Con Dao

The popularity of resorts comes and goes depending on the season. What makes one stand out is their reputation for being unique and the value it offers if one chooses to stay.

Six Senses in Con Dao, with its plethora of contemporary villas, has gained a lot of traction.

Despite being known for the atmospheric vibes in undisturbed surroundings, the brand was unexpectedly boosted by celebrities.

Then the power-couple “Brangelina” stayed at Six Senses and enjoyed the long stretch of sand of Dat Doc Beach.

Their choice of accommodation is indisputable, as the villas are very well-made with stunning ocean views and even private pools. Thoughtful touches like the in-room espresso machine and personalized food servings certainly add charm to the already lovely place.

Phien Khuc Cafe

If you venture the alleyways in Con Dao, you might be surprised by what you can discover. One of the hidden finds we would recommend is the homely stall of Phien Khuc.

It’s modeled after the classic “vestige cafes” that you normally find trending on the mainland cities of Vietnam. You will immediately recognize it with its’ strewn trinkets, tiled floors, pastel-toned motif, and traditional wooden shutters.

Steaming cups of tea and freshly squeezed juice are served with a variety of dining options as well!

Lacasa Bar – Villa Maison

The modern cocktail bar of Lacasa and colonial French-villa turned bar of Villa Maison are run by the same management.

So aside from the French-inspired décors that’s originally found, expect to see loungers by the old stone courtyard!

It’s a well-ventilated area thanks to the branches of the giant tropical trees overshadowing the premises. If you have plans on kicking-back one lazy afternoon, it’s one of the best places to hang out while sipping their signature cocktails.

I really hope you would enjoy Con Dao as much as I do! Make sure to hit Con Dao in the right time to avoid the unwanted gloomy weather!

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