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6 Amazing Japanese Hair & Skin Care Products Available on Amazon

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Japanese cosmetics, especially hair and skincare products, are highly popular in Asia.

The Shiseido Group, one of Japan’s leading cosmetics companies, has seen remarkable growth in China, with sales of more than 200 billion yen in China alone in 2019.

Japanese cosmetics are known for their low prices but high-quality products. Many of the products are made from natural ingredients and are healthy for the body.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the Japanese hair and skincare products available from the US on Amazon.

Importing from Amazon Japan is easy!

Have you ever shopped on Amazon in Japan?

In fact, Amazon has an international postal distribution hub, so it’s very easy for individuals to buy products across borders.

For less than $20 in shipping costs, including all shipping and duties, you can have a package delivered from Japan to the United States within two days in some cases.

If you create a Japanese Amazon account and register a U.S. address, it will show you if the item can be shipped to your address.

I recommend buying in bulk, because even with shipping costs, it’s much cheaper than buying in the US.

Shiseido – Tsubaki / Fino Hair Mask

Tsubaki is one of Shiseido’s leading shampoo brands. Not only is it popular in Japan, but it is also widely known in China and other parts of Asia.

It’s incredibly effective at smoothing out hair and leaving your hair shiny for days without using anything else but this hair mask.

Fino is less expensive, but it’s just as high performing as Tsubaki. You can choose Fino according to your preference of fragrance.

To use, simply apply this hair mask after using shampoo and conditioner, and rinse it off immediately.
The cost is low as you can get a high effect by using it once or twice a week.

The scent is great, but once used, the scent stays for a couple of days, so be careful if you don’t like strong fragrances.

TSUBAKI(ツバキ) プレミアムリペアマスク 180g ビューティー

Price¥1,280 (¥7 / グラム)




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Shiseido – Tsubaki Shampoo & Conditioner

If you like Shiseido’s hair masks, I would recommend using Tsubaki for shampoo and treatments as well.

In Japan, it is sold under the slogan “0-second hair salon”. You can enjoy your hair as smooth as it was right after you left the beauty salon, every day.

It is especially effective for damaged hair. It’s incredibly moisturizing and therefore should be avoided if you’re suffering from thin or fine hair and want more volume.

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GATSBY – Hair Wax “Air Rise”

The GATSBY MOVING RUBBER series is the highest selling hair wax in Japan. There are a total of 7 types of hair waxes, with Air Rise being the popular choice for both men and women.

It’s very light and comfortable to use, yet it holds for a long time to keep your hair in style.

It is well known not only in Japan, but also in Southeast Asian countries, where it is aired in commercials.

The scent is like a green apple. It’s not that strong of a scent, so you’ll get used to it.

Its price is cheaper than similar products in the U.S., so why not give it a try?

Hada Labo – “Gokujyun” Foaming Face Wash

Hada Labo is a very famous brand of skin care products in Japan. Hada means “skin” and the brand name means “Skin Lab”.

In the United States, there are many non-foaming cleansers, but in Japan, only foaming cleansers exist in general. It is believed to be more gentle and non-damaging to the skin.

This “Gokujyun” facial cleanser is extremely foaming and comes in a foaming dispenser.
You’ll be amazed at the amount of foam you’ll see.

Once you experience the Japanese foaming face wash, you won’t be able to go back to the American face wash.

Muji – Skin Lotion

Store Muji store’s cosmetics section

Muji is a highly popular brand in Japan and has stores all over the country. Their online shopping is slow in the US, but they do have stores in New York and other cities.

Muji is characterized by its very simple design and use of natural ingredients. The company is known not only for its cosmetics, but also for its furniture and food products.

Muji’s Lotions are almost like water, but they are highly moisturizing. In the United States, white, milky Lotion is the mainstream, but in Japan, clear, almost water-like Lotion is very popular.

Muji’s lotion is especially comfortable in the summer because it is lightweight on the skin.

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