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This Japanese App Turns Everything into AR Objects

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When you capture a picture with the camera, it starts to move as if it were coming to life on the screen.

“Rakugaki AR,” an app for iOS developed by Japanese start-up Whatever Inc. is gaining popularity.

When you hold the picture on a white background, the picture rises up as if it were cut out of its base and starts to move on the screen.

You can also tap on these AR objects. When you give them food by tapping the screen, the AR objects will actually start eating the food and you can enjoy their reactions.

The game has been available as an iOS app since August 1, 2020, and a free download campaign limited to the first 1,000 users is being held on the same day.

Some of Japan’s famous manga artists have been posting videos of their drawings being animated by the app on Twitter.

When you take a picture of a headshot with this app, it can move a little creepily.

The app doesn’t recognize whether the illustrations are human, animal, or non-living objects, so you can run text and other objects as well.

Teach your kids about this app and they’ll enjoy seeing their illustrations in motion.

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