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Best Places to Have Japanese Food in Delhi

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Japanese food, and sushi, in particular, is now a much-loved cuisine amongst food lovers around the globe.

Delhi gourmands are no different and have fallen for the simplistic sophistication that is an integral part of Japanese cookery.

While several restaurants have a few Japanese recipes on their menu, here are some that feature the food more prominently.


A cute restaurant in Lodi Colony, Guppy, promises an eccentric time with its brightly colored interiors and laidback ambiance.

While the décor is more hipster than Japanese, the food stays true to the region with options such as mushroom suimono soup, chicken karaage, ramen bowls, udon noodles, and sushi, including the house-special bacon and cream cheese sushi.

Guppy is also home to India’s first Poke bar, and their Sunday brunch is quite a hit with the locals.

Yum Yum Cha

Yum Yum Cha has three outlets in Delhi, which means you are never too far away from a lovely Japanese meal. The “yum cha” in the restaurant’s name refers to small dishes such as dumplings, which originated in China. However, it is an Asian restaurant that serves numerous Japanese dishes.

The interiors are imaginative and casual; however, the menu is quite extensive and consists of Asian cuisine dominated by Japanese dishes.

Some of the listed items worth tasting are the truffled mushroom bao, black spider sushi, unagi, octopus takoyaki, and matcha mochi ice cream.

Fuji Japanese Restaurant

Fuji in Connaught Place is the place to eat when you want the full Japanese experience.

The seating and furnishings replicate the traditional Japanese environment adding an element of tranquility to the meal.

The menu is a selection of the very best in Japanese food with tempting offerings like various meat teppanyaki, sashimi, gyoza, and tofu yasai itame.


One of the most popular restaurants among Japanese staying in Delhi is KOFUKU at Ansal Plaza in South Delhi. The restaurant is co-owned by an Indian and a Tibetan, with the head store located in Mumbai.

There are several Japanese blogs on the internet that mention this restaurant. The fact that it is loved by Japanese travelers is a guarantee of its authentic Japanese flavor.

Their menu is extremely varied, from fish and meat dishes to noodle dishes, which is a big appeal.


This is a restaurant located in Aerocity. It is especially recommended for foreign visitors to India and business travelers, as it is near the airport and has very good transport links.

The owner of the restaurant is Indian, but the chef is Japanese, so you can enjoy a very authentic taste of Japanese food.

The restaurant serves sushi and tempura as well as alcohol, and is especially popular with Japanese business travelers to Delhi.

Sushi Junction

Sushi Junction is a delivery-only restaurant perfect for times when you crave sushi, but don’t want to go out.

While they have a limited menu, you can still find popular items like sushi, rice bowls, edamame, and dim sums.

Their premium party sushi platter is particularly famous as it allows the customer to pick 36 vegetarian or non-vegetarian sushi of their choice.


This restaurant is very unique and it’s not just a Yakitori restaurant.

Yakitori is a chicken cut into bite-sized pieces, skewered and grilled over an open fire.

The restaurant has a karaoke machine and is popular among Japanese living in the area as a banquet hall and after-party venue.

There isn’t enough information in English, so you’ll need to rely on Google Maps to visit this place.

A great way to pick the best Japanese restaurant in Delhi is to choose where the Japanese ex-pat community dines.

Not only do they create a more genuine atmosphere, but the flavors are more in tune with traditional Japanese cooking.

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