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Kampot: Must Visit Places in Cambodia

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Some say the gods first practised on Heaven, then they made Kampot. Until you’ve been there, it is true.

Kampot, located in Kampot Province, Southwest Cambodia, is a resort town that edges into the Gulf of Thailand. Unlike other noisy, traffic snarled, and polluted Asian travel destinations, Kampot is renowned for its lush vegetation, picturesque river-side bungalows, and plenty of attractions.

Gridlocked traffic is never an issue as the typical taxi (tuk-tuk) will take you to your hotel or any part of town within 10 minutes.

Man sitting on top of a mountain and enjoys the amazing view

To the west of Kampot is Bokor National Park, a vast jungle of tropical rainforests and home to Bokor Hill, an old French colonial ghost town that has over the years gained widespread attraction from both local and foreign tourists.

While there have been reports of bear sightings on the hill, their body count is disappointingly low, and the last elephant spotted apparently packed its trunk and headed off to join the circus. Monkeys, snakes, spiders, wild boars, deer, and butterflies make up some of the few remaining residents.

rural valley landscape with organic pepper farm near kampot cambodia

Apart from Bokor National Park, guests can rent motorbikes, visit salt fields, pepper farms, the Tek Chhou Waterfalls, and try out the many restaurants and nightlife all in a day’s work.

Kep, a tiny coastal town, is a short 20-minute drive from Kampot. Known for having some of the best seafood restaurants in Cambodia, it is undoubtedly worth visiting.

Kep crab market, Cambodia, Kep

The town features wide streets with crumbling villas, reminiscent of its former glory as a French holiday resort.

Travelers to Kampot will be treated with a variety of accommodation options to choose from. These range from luxurious hotels to budget hostels and bungalows. Food is also reasonably priced as most of it is locally grown or harvested.

Kampot can be easily accessed by road from Phnom Penh (the capital), Siem Reap, and Sihanoukville. Private tour companies and buses ply the route daily and offer connections to other destinations such as Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos.

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