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Lesser-Known Cool Things To Do in Jaipur, India

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Known for its ancient heritage, stunning forts, and insightful culture, a traveler, can spend days in Jaipur and still leave without discovering all of its wonders.

There are plenty of tourist sights to admire in Jaipur, but for an enthusiastic traveler who wants something different, three unique activities in the Pink City truly stand out.

Take a Vintage Photo

A little-known secret that many locals also do not know about is that in Jaipur, you can get a photo of yourself taken with a 160-year-old camera.

Teekam Chand stands near the famous Hawa Mahal in the center of the city and offers passersby the opportunity to commemorate their visit with a vintage-style photo, available in three sizes.

His camera, bought by his grandfather, comprises of a Carl Zeiss lens.

It has an antique and alluring character that makes people stop and look at it for a minute or two.

Teekam Chand also develops the photo there and then, using chemicals that he imports from France.

Visit an Instagrammable Spot

Now, there is no shortage of stunning places to photograph in Jaipur.

From the magnificent forts and architecturally beautiful buildings to intricate art everywhere, you will find plenty of Instagrammable spots in the city.

The one that many tourists miss out on is Patrika Gate.

It is a relatively new addition to Jaipur, completed in 2016, and consists of 9 pavilions.

Featuring eye-popping colors, designs, and carvings, this series of doorways at one end of Jawahar Circle, attracts enthusiastic photographers and influencers from early morning till late in the evening.

A visually stunning and free attraction in Jaipur, you must visit Patrika Gate early in the day to appreciate its beauty without the crowds.

Walk and Shop in the Same Spot

Man Sagar Lake is an artificial water body in Jaipur, constructed in 1610, also known for having a palace in its middle known as Jal Mahal.

However, the promenade on the side of the lake is one of Jaipur’s most underrated spots.

During the morning, you can jog here in the fresh air while being greeted by the sounds of chirping birds that call the lake their home.

Don’t be surprised to find many pre-wedding photography sessions taking place at this time because Man Sagar Lake is the most beautiful location in the city to witness the sunrise.

Come evening, and the promenade converts into a bazaar, with locals selling all kinds of cheap toys, food, souvenirs on makeshift stalls.

The evening’s electric atmosphere is in complete contrast to the calmness of the morning.

When shopping at the evening bazaar, pick-up some local handicraft items, and don’t forget to bargain on the price.

The above three options are ideal time fillers during your Jaipur sightseeing itinerary.

They let you experience a different side of the city while allowing you to appreciate some of its lesser-known, yet very immersive attractions.

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