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6 Good Manners and Behavior of Central Asians

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People around the world differ in personality, ethics, and character. Behavior patterns that a particular nation regards as normal, may not be even tolerated in another country. In Central Asia, the traditions and behavior of people are different from other regions of Asia. Hence, this article will focus on the praised manners of Central Asians

Who are Central Asians?

Central Asian nations are composed of turkic nations. Uzbek, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Tadjik, Turkmen, Karakalpak, and many other nations live together in Central Asia. There are 5 countries in the region: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan.

Examples of good manners

Although Central Asia is a multinational region, there are certain manners and behavior types that the majority of people try to comply with. However, the examples that will be given below are generalizations and may not be found in every person in the region.

1. Respect to elderly people

The first and easy to notice habit is standing up when father, uncle, or an elderly person comes. Usually, Father has considerable power in Central Asian families, so other family members must respect him. Youngsters stand up and greet when their father comes into the room. Also, it is a sign of disrespect to look straight into the eyes of your father.

2. Freeing up space for elderly people

Giving place to elderly people is also a praised manner. It is one of the most widespread behavior patterns in Central Asia. In peak times, especially in the morning and evenings, the transit system of cities will be full of people. Although many people use public transport, elderly people can easily find free space on buses, trams, or metro. Youngsters stand up from the seat and invite the elderly to that free seat.

3. Not Publicly criticizing a person.

In Central Asia, people do not usually criticize each other in public places. Instead, they ask the person to talk alone and express their disagreement.

4. Eating etiquette

In Central Asian countries, it is polite to eat with the right hand. Left-handed children will also learn to eat with that hand. People do not eat and lie down at the same time like in some other countries. Besides, Central Asians usually have dinner with their family.

5.Treatment to neighbors

In many western countries, many people may not know who is his or her neighbor. However, Central Asians pay great attention to establish a relationship with neighbors. Many of you may not know that when people cook delicious and appetizing dishes, they will give some to their neighbors. Neighbors help each other with everyday problems from lending home supplies to helping in repairing the home.

6.Going to the guest

Central Asians frequently visit the house of their friends, neighbors, and relatives. The first misbehaving pattern is staying too long, especially when you will go to the health condition of your sick acquaintance. In addition, Central Asian people almost always take something with them to give the host. It may be bread, fruits, or gifts for the children.

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