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10 Things You Must Do When Visiting Shanghai

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Beautiful modern city scenery at night in Shanghai, China

The city of Shanghai is packed with activities and events. There’s the sightseeing places, the old monuments, countless attractions, and not to mention the delicious food! To a first-timer, it all might be overwhelming.

But don’t worry–this article has got you covered. From traditional gardens to modern attractions, here are the Must-Do’s and tips when visiting Shanghai, coming from a native who grew up there.

Number 10: Gawk Shanghai’s Architecture at The China Pavillion

Shanghai: The Expo Boulevard Iconic curtain wall lighting with the China Pavillion Architecture at World Exposition 2010

The Expo 2010 was a world exposition held in Shanghai from May 1st to October 31st, 2010. It is one of the greatest world fairs ever staged, and it is still visited by thousands today.

Located in the southern part of Central Shanghai, you will see many buildings dedicated to this event. Some remarkable places of innovation you have to check out include the China Pavillion.

The China Pavillion is Asia’s largest art museum, as well as the biggest display at the expos. About 70 meters high, it is known as “The Crown of the East.” In the building, you’ll find the Oriental Footprint, the train tour, and many modern Chinese artworks. Don’t miss out!

Number 9: Shop, Eat, and Party at Xintiandi

Shanghai, China – Pavement cafe in the Xintiandi area of Shanghai, a shopping and leisure center.

Xintiandi is an affluent shopping district in Shanghai, spanning around 128 acres. Renowned as one of Shanghai’s favorite tourist attractions, it contains shopping malls, beauty salons, and mouth-watering food. You can go with a tour guide or experience it at your own pace–it’s up to you!

For example, they have the famous Xintiandi Plaza, the Din Tai Fung restaurant, the Hong Kong K11 Art Mall, the Green Message, and the snazzy Highline. It also has a very active nightlife. You won’t regret visiting.

Number 8: Get Classy at the Shanghai World Financial Center

Overlooking the scenery of Lujiazui, Shanghai.

This tall building contains malls, restaurants, and a hotel, while it also boasts the tallest observatory in the world at 100 floors. In the building, you can walk the famous skywalk.

But beware! The skywalk is not for the faint of heart; the 55-meter path is made out of transparent glass–so you can see 1,555 feet below you.

Other than observatory purposes, the Shanghai World Financial Center is exactly how it is described in its name. The floors are filled with art exhibitions, information, and monetary talents. Whether traveling alone or with your family, you can learn and make a sweet memory here.

Number 7: Lose Track of Time in the Disney Land

Time to switch up the mood! Did someone say rollercoasters, rides, and fun?

That’s right–at seven on our list is the classic Disney Land. This amusement park opened in 2016, and millions visit it every year. Located in Pudong, this park includes all the rides + more! Alice in Wonderland Maze, Peter Pan’s Flight, TRON, and the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train are only some of what it offers.

If you want to take your children somewhere fun this Summer, the Shanghai Disney Land is an absolute must!

Number 6: Look Down at the City on the Oriental Pearl Towerthi

Oriental Pearl Tower at the nighttime. This is one of Shanghai’s tallest buildings, located at Lujiazui finance and trade zone in the Pudong district.

Sitting at the opposite of the Bund is the Oriental Pearl Tower. This tower is the world’s sixth tallest, with a height of 1,536 feet or 468 meters. It offers observational decks as well as the Municipal History Museum, which is located in its tower pedestal.

The Oriental Pearl Tower is a place worth visiting because of its sightly views,–Space Capsule and Revolving Restaurant–Game City, and its “Future Shanghai” multimedia show. Cross it off on your bucket list.

Number 5: Taste the Delicacies of Shanghai

If you asked anyone, they’d say that you haven’t been to the best parts of Shanghai if you haven’t tasted some of the delicious food there!

Believe me when I say there’s sooooo much appetizing food in Shanghai. Let me list some: Peking duck–that’s a classic–xiaolongbao, dumplings, wontons, crab cakes, and their stir-fry chunky noodles! You can see a restaurant every few meters you walk. It’s truly an extraordinary experience.

When you’re looking for food, make sure to check out some of these streets: The Wujiang Road, the Old City God Temple Snack Street, the South Yunnan Road, and the Xianxia Road. All of them are packed with cuisine!

Number 4: Learn More at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum with antique earthquake forecast equipment

Vacation isn’t all about sightseeing and riding rollercoasters. For a change of scenery, go to the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum and learn more about what’s happening.

This museum consists of four floors and a basement. On these floors, you’ll find the Seeker Corridor, an IMAX Dome Theater, the Hall of Wildest Spectrum of Life, as well as the Light of Wisdom Hall. From physics to biology, you’ll find everything you wish to learn here.

Number 3: Discover Ancient Relics at the Shanghai Museum

The Shanghai Museum is a museum of ancient Chinese art, situated on the People’s Square in the Huangpu District of Shanghai. Rebuilt at its current location in 1996, it is considered one of China’s first world-class modern museums.

The Shanghai Museum is filled with works of art and history. Located on the People’s Square, it is considered as one of China’s world-class museums.

In the Museum, you’ll find cool exhibits such as Relics with Rat Design, A Blessing over the Sea, Treasures Homecoming, and Infinite Compassion. Fill your head with knowledge at their multitude of galleries!

Number 2: Go Back in Time at the Yu Garden

Yuyuan Garden District at twilight

Now we’ve crossed the line between fantasy at reality. The Yu Garden looks like its straight out of a fairytale. With its magical lights at night, the tall Ming Dynasty structures, and scenic gardens, you’re bound to be enraptured by its beauty.

Some of its highlighting places include the Sansui Hall, Wanhua Chamber, Dianchun Hall, Huijing Hall, Yuhua Hall, and the Inner Garden. Just be careful not to fall into the water as you gaze at its translucent waves!

Number 1: The Bund

And at number one is The Bund.

Known for its mesmerizing sight at night and peaceful bustling in the day, this mile-long waterfront promenade will dazzle everyone. It spans around the Huangpu River, with western-styled architect dotting the sides.

The symbol of Shanghai does not disappoint; not only is it a great place to take pictures, but you can also investigate their sightseeing tunnel, stroll along the path, watch the sunset, and overall have a great time. As one of Shanghai’s busiest places, you can see for yourself what all the buzz is about!

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