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Must-try sweets in Sri Lanka

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Candies or Sweets are the magic of cooking. It doesn’t matter whether the origin is from America, Europe, Asia or even from another world. Sweets will shower you with magical enchantments from the first moment they melt on your tongue.

But every candy possesses unique tastes strongly aligned with their origin.

Sri Lankan sweets play a key role when it comes to festival season. Without them, there won’t be such a festive sentiment.

But if you wanna try this magic on an ordinary Sri Lankan day, just say the magic word. You’ll easily find any of them anywhere across the country.

Let’s find out what are the must-try Sweets in Sri Lanka before you leave the country.

1.Pani Walalu (Undu Walalu)

From the first bite onwards of this candy, you will be feeling heavenly with the seeping honey drops inside your mouth. A mixture of smashed Orid seeds with rice flour and coconut milk gives the texture to pour them on boiling oil in a spiral.

Deep-fried spirals become “Pani walalu” after they are dipped in and soaked with honey. Its outset is in the upcountry (Kandy) region but can be found anywhere nowadays.

2. Dodol

At first sight, this seems like a chocolate sweet. The truth is, it is solely a product of jaggery, coconut milk and rice flour. Dodol originated in Indonesia but is also much popular in Sri Lanka. It is a certain candy in Sri Lankan festivals and celebrations.

It is jelly-like in nature which is due to the continuous stirring of boiling mixture. Sri Lankan dodol is enlivened with Cardamom and Cashew nuts giving its heaven taste.

3. Weli thalapa

Top view of Walithalapa on a banana leaf, a new year festive sweet decorated with cashew fruit

This is a candy that needs breakfast food, Pittu as an ingredient. Pittu is a traditional breakfast dish in Sri Lanka which is made of steaming a mixture of rice flour and scraped coconut. This prepared Pittu is mixed up with boiling treacle and cooked Weli thalapa.

It is served as pieces like cake. Added cashews, cardamom and cloves give a unique taste to this sweet Weli thalapa.

4. Aasmi

Traditional Sri Lankan Sinhala And Tamil New Year Sweet, Asmi. Asmi Is A Traditional Sri Lankan Delicacy Made From Rice Flour With Hardened Treacle On Top

Crunchy and crispy candy that needs expert hands for the preparation and its beauty and taste add value to the effort that is taken to cook it. Here the magic ingredient is the leaves of the Dawul kurundu(Neolitsea cassia) tree. Mucilaginous extract of these leaves was mixed with rice flour to obtain the unbroken fibrils when pouring on boiling oil. This gives the characteristic appearance to the Aasmi. Before serving fried Aasmis are drizzled with coloured sugar syrup.

5. Savborro

This is also known as Coconut Sago biscuits. As the name implies it is made of scraped Coconut and Sago(it is like tapioca pearls) with some other ingredients like bread crumbles, sugar etc. It is fitting with a cup of tea on a thrilling evening. Its unique taste and crispness urge you to eat more and more of them even if you feel full.

Have you ever tried any of them? Or any Sri Lankan sweet other than these? Share your divine experience with us below.

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