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5 Must-visit Uzbek Bazaars to Get the Unique Shopping Experience

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Tashkent, Uzbekistan – April 29, 2019: The dome building of Chorsu bazaar or Eski Juva bazaar which is one of the main landmarks of Tashkent. The traditional market where all daily necessities are sold.

A bazaar is a large shopping center or street market in Central Asian countries. Being one of the most-visited countries in Central Asia, Uzbekistan has many spectacular and elegant Silk Road bazaars.

In the last decade, modern shopping malls have gained great popularity due to Covid-19 pandemic, reduced costs, increased assortment, and convenience. However, it could not seriously affect the number of visitors to Bazaars.

The information given in the article about Uzbek bazaars can broaden your horizons about Asian countries, especially regarding Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan has many must-visit bazaars such as Chorsu Bazaar, Hippodrome Bazaar, Siyab Bazaar, Alay Bazaar, and Toki-Zargaron Bazaar, where you can spend the whole day to explore.

Visitors can find excellent gifts, local food, handicrafts, and many other items at low prices in bazaars.

Besides, the Uzbek markets can give you special insights about the lifestyle and culture of the local people.

Chorsu Bazaar

Tashkent, Chorsu Bazaar

Chorsu Bazar (also called Eski Juva Bazaar) is one of the oldest and biggest street markets of Uzbekistan.

It is located in Alisher Navai street, in the center of the Tashkent. Hence, the bazaar is convenient and easy to visit from other parts of the city.

Within 1 km area (0.62 miles) from Chorsu, there are 11 restaurants and 6 other attractions for tourists, including spectacular theatres and an awesome madrasah.

Chorsu Bazaar is excellent for buying fresh fruits, vegetables, dried food, dairy products, and oriental delicacies. You can also see the great architectural works in the buildings, from Uzbek ornaments to patterns.

Also, there are many pavilions of national dresses, oriental musical instruments, and handicrafts. The sharp smell of species grabs your attention instantly. (Central Asia Travel,

The prices in the Chorsu Bazaar is not the lowest in Tashkent, but can be decreased considerably with the right bargaining skills. Uzbek people love bargaining, and it has become a part of the culture that you should know to effectively communicate with sellers.

After finishing a lovely tour in the Chorsu market, you can visit the special food section to try delicious local cuisine.

Hippodrome bazaar

Cheap and large market in Tashkent. The most recommended bazaar for those who are looking for something special from clothing, carpets, and dishes to colorful fabrics.

Chilanzar Commodity market is the biggest clothing market in Tashkent. The market is best-known as Hippodrome Bazaar, and locals rarely call it a commodity market.

Hippodrome bazaar has an interesting history. Hippodrome means a special area for horse races, jumping shows, and competitions. Initially, when the hippodrome was constructed in 1971, there was no bazaar. Instead, there was a place for organizing horse games. (MG,

The area of the bazaar is very large because several markets are located in the same place. Hence, during your trip to Hippodrome, you will have a great opportunity to see other markets such as:

  1. Bek Tupi bazaar
  2. Bek Baraka bazaar
  3. Abu Saxiy bazaar
  4. Bazaar of dishes

It is very hard to leave bazaars without a purchase. Local merchants know how to grab customer attention and offer the products. You can buy embroidered textile, oriental rugs, traditional-style dishes, and clothing in Hippodrome.

Siyab Bazaar

Samarkand, Uzbekistan – October 15, 2016: Central gate to the Siab market

Siyab Bazar is the most famous street market in Samarkand, in the beautiful Silk Road city. Therefore, going to Samarkand and not visiting Siyob Bazaar means missing the wonderful adventure.

Siyab bazaar is a very interesting and ancient place to feel the real atmosphere of oriental trade.

Like Chorsu Bazaar, Siyob bazaar also has a nice design. Guests will see the sublime arch at the entrance, decorated with mosaics in blue color.

Vegetables, fruits, melons, and handcrafts are commonly traded in Siyob bazaar. However, the must-buy thing is Samarkand bread. It is one of the symbols of the city, and many tourists visit to try the bread. In Siyob Bazaar, you can find 17 types of bread. (Adventour,
The bazaar is situated in a really convenient place. There are 41 restaurants to have meals from local, European, or other Asian cuisines. Besides, numerous spectacular architectural buildings of Uzbekistan are located within 10 km (6.21 miles), including Registan Square (5 minutes), Shahi Zina mausoleum (7 minutes), and Ulugbek Observatory (11 minutes way on a car).

Alay Bazaar

Alay Bazaar is certainly in the list of the best-known markets in Tashkent. The bazaar is situated in the heart of Tashkent and surrounded by many 5-star hotels such as Hyatt Regency, City Palace hotel, and Royal Residence.

Currently, sellers in over 2000 different stalls trade local fruits, vegetables, species, and pickles. Also, you can always find here a wide range of fresh fish, meat, and dairy products.

However, they are not special offers on the market. The main and best things to buy in Alay Baazar are navat (crystallized sugar), parvarda (caramelized sugar, dipped in flour), pashmak (a type of cotton candy), and other sweets.

Bazaars in Central Asia are the places where people make friends, try local food, and communicate with each other. (Tourister, Alay Bazaar is no exception here, so you can get acquainted with many Uzbek people if you know English or Russian.

Toki Zargaron Bazaar

Bukhara, Uzbekistan – October 19, 2016: Trade dome Toki Zargaron.

Toki Zargaron is the most extensive indoor bazaar in Bukhara region. The masterpiece is erected between 1569 and 1570 during the reign of Sheibanid dynasty.

The dome of Toki Zargaron was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage List as the “Historic Centre of Bukhara”.

The style of the building reminds Persian architecture. The ceramic bricks are used in the construction and the diameter of the central cupola is 14 metres (45.9 feet). Toki Zargaron’s building is considered as the most difficult regarding arrangement and construction.

Toki Zargaron is famous for its unique jewelry and silver products made by local craftsmen. Other recommended items to see are antiques, books, coins, and carpets. (Tourister,


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