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Pakistan: People’s Outrage on Saba Qamar’s video shoot in Historical Masjid Wazir Khan

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There is seldom a week in Pakistan with no outrage or controversy, be it related to politics or entertainment.

In the last week, Saba Qamar, a well-known actress posted a video of her song shooting on social media app TikTok. Video went viral on different social media apps including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in no time.

It was the video of a recent song released by Bilal Saeed, a famous Pakistani singer.

It took people in Pakistan with a storm because of the dance in a historic and sacred place. The mosque was no other than Masjid Wazir Khan in Lahore, the provincial capital of Punjab.

Permission was for Nikah Shoot instead of Dance and Song:

The Production house has secured permission for the shoot in the mosque as it falls under the department of Auqaaf and Religious Affairs of Punjab Government. According to the official, the production house secured the permission for Nikah shoot in Masjid Wazir Khan.

This news has covered in detail what the government has permitted to shoot and what production house has done. (Pakistan Today, 2020)

People’s Reaction on the Internet:

People were not in a mood of ignoring the event and reacted strongly on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

A twitter account condemns the act in the House of God by calling it disgusting and shameful.

Another person demands strict action against Bilal Saeed, Saba Qamar, the Production house, and the management who allowed the shoot.

People have criticized the government official for permission as well. A team of advocates has filed a writ in Peshawar high court to take a strict action against all the involved and ban the song. The petition is filed against Federal Government, Punjab Government, and PEMRA, media regulatory authority in Pakistan.

Apology of the Singer and Actress considering people’s lash back:

The sudden and strong reaction to the video shoot by people has taken both Bilal Saeed and Saba Qamar with surprise. Considering themselves to be in hot water for the incident the duo decided to apologize unconditionally and accepted their mistake.

Saba Qamar presented her side of the story in detail on her official Instagram account along with the teaser of the song.

The singer, Bilal Saeed accepted his mistake and apologized in a public video posted on his official Instagram account as well.

Response of the Provincial Government:

The government of Punjab has suspended the manager of Masjid Wazir Khan and assured the strict action against all who were involved in the incident.

Furthermore, the administration of the mosque has banned all Nikah related activities on the premises thus taking away the luxury of a dream wedding from many people.

Here is a story of a person whose Nikah ceremony in Masjid Wazir Khan was canceled just an evening before the actual plan.

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