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Pakistani Creativity as Seen in Face Masks

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Wearing masks is a new trend, but some masks, such as those embroidered with traditional patterns, are already starting to take on a traditional feel that is unique to the country.

The Sudden Birth of a Fashion Trend

Who knew that face masks would become an important fashion accessory in 2020?

It has become compulsory for everyone to wear face masks during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Since then, people have become creative with face masks. There are now thousands of brands working on introducing new designs and patterns for facemasks.

Fashion and apparel companies have begun to produce masks as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus infection. These masks have a variety of features, such as functionality and washability, as well as patterns and colors that reflect the brand’s identity, and are motivating consumers to buy them.

In the past, it was rare to see people wearing masks in European and North American countries. On the other hand, Asian countries, especially Japan and China, were known to have a very large number of people wearing masks.

As new social norms emerged in the aftermath of the coronavirus, more and more people in European and North American countries began to wear well-designed masks as well.

Masks with country-specific characteristics, such as the ones described in this article, may become one of the fashion items that will create global competition.

Pakistani Creativity

A number of local shops in Pakistan also sell their own embroidered masks.

During the COVID 19 pandemic, many politicians are seen wearing masks that represent their party or even their ethnicity. For example, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, who is the chairman of Pakistan People’s (PPP), was seen wearing a ajrak printed mask. Ajrak is a unique form of design and pattern that is block printed by stamps. It is the symbol of the Sindhi culture and tradition. So Bilawal being a Sindhi promoted the ajrak masks.

Although wedding and other gathering were not allowed during this pandemic situation they still took place in Pakistan. The brides took face masks to another level. Brides were seen wearing heavily embroidered face masks that matched their bridal dresses. These bridal masks were decorated with a diamante and other glittering stuff that seemed expensive but beautiful.

Recently, on the independence day of Pakistan which is 14th August, people were seen wearing the Pakistani flag printed masks. Mostly, on the independence day, people used to celebrate by wearing green and white dresses, bangles, painted the flag on their faces, but this year there was a new addition, and that was the flag printed masks.

Additionally, the fashion industry has also started designing facemasks that match with different dresses. Many girls can be seen wearing matching face masks with their dresses. These masks look trendy and stylish, so many women wear them.

Although these masks are getting trendy and creative, it should not be forgotten that masks are considered as an important precautionary measure to fight against the Coronavirus. Therefore, it is important that masks should be designed in a way that can fight against the virus and look cool at the same time; otherwise, it is of no use.

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