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This Pakistani Start-up Secured $10m Investment in Series A Financing

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It is not an easy task for a local start-up in third world countries to convince foreign investors. It becomes even more difficult in a global pandemic of COVID-19.

But sheer commitment and hard work of Airlift team made it possible at a time when most of the economic activities are at halt around the globe.

San Francisco based Quiet Capital led Series A-1 funding for the start-up along with other partners and participants.

Total capital investment in the start-up now stands at $24.1m.

Usman Gul, the founder and CEO of Airlift technologies, shares the details about the deal.

What Airlift Technologies is all about?

‘Airlift’ is a Pakistani startup that offers an app that allows customers to book buses and vans through their app.

The start-up came up with the idea of a decentralized local mass transit system. Their goal is to serve the people while keeping the environment clean and green.

Airlift aims to serve the local population through the simplified means of commuting within the city.

Now, movement within the city through mass transit is possible in few simple steps.
Customers can carpool by specifying where they board and drop-off locations on the app.

Recently, Airlift technologies expanded its business to logistic services as well.

Airlift Grocer is delivering groceries to different locations of Lahore. People can place an order through the mobile application or web portal.

With time, Airlift plans to expand its operations in different cities.

Airlift aims at eco-friendly operations

The vision of Airlift is to help people while keeping both the people and environment safe.

A well-organized mass transit system in a metropolitan city certainly reduces the number of vehicles on the road.

Capacity to carry more people at the same time keeps the carbon emissions low, and that is what Airlift is trying to do.

What people have to say on Airlift Services?

An interesting story of a person who, by chance, got the addiction of free airlift rides.

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