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Philippine Government Medical Insurance Corruption Allegations and Bankruptcy

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To even think about stealing from one person is already bad. Now, think about stealing from millions of people, and that’s not even the worst part.

The worst part is you are stealing from a medical government institution, which you are part of, during a pandemic.

In these trying times, the middle class, low-income families, and those who are on the poverty line rely on the government for medical and financial support.

Thankfully, the Philippines has a government medical insurance, the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, commonly known as Philhealth.

It helps the Filipino people appease their potential medical expenses.

The PhilHealth Anomaly

The problem is the institution could be closing in the next two years because the fund is predicted to run out due to the rise of subsidy claims stemming from the COVID expenses.

However, what is more terrible is that, simultaneously, there is an ongoing investigation of an alleged 15 billion PHP (roughly 305,808,300 USD) corruption case in the senate.

This had supposedly been stolen, resulting from a fraudulent scheme of the executives in the institution. This has just put more uncertainty and distress over the country.

The news of the possibility that the government institution built to help ease on medical expenses closing out, and the added issue on corruption, has already caused a lot of negative opinions over Twitter and Facebook.

Some have even expressed that Filipinos should temporarily stop contribution until these bankruptcy and corruption allegations are resolved.

It has been a difficult couple of months for the whole world, with the ongoing pandemic not nearly close to its end.

There have been a lot of people who lost their work and businesses, and the most unfortunate ones have lost their lives. It is dreadful just to think about catching the virus.

But this is especially scary when you live in the Philippines, where medical services cost a lot.

Philhealth has become a lifeline for these Filipinos, and for it to be potentially gone has just stirred up a lot of worry and anger.

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