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6 Places worth Visiting in Autumn in China

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The hot summer has slipped away, ushering in the golden autumn season that represents harvest and beauty. Grab this wonderful time and have a date with autumn! China has a vast territory, from south to north, from east to west, autumn scenery in different regions has different colors. Today, I will share with you the seven most suitable attractions for autumn travel, each of which will make you linger!

Hulunbuir prairie of Inner Mongolia

The beauty of the Hulunbuir prairie is not only summer, but also contains a charming scenery in autumn, the entire grassland in autumn gradually fades from green into a golden coat.

The wheat fields will be harvested in September, and the straw after the wheat harvest will be rolled into huge bundles of haystacks and become a special scenery.

The sky of the prairie is so enchanting that the clouds are right in front of us, as if you can tear off a piece of it with your hand. Every year from early September to mid-October, the originally green grassland turns into a sea of gold, like an oil painting.

Herdsmen sing folk songs and run herds of cattle and sheep, half-man-high bales of sturdy grass scattering on the hillsides, which are the food for the cattle and sheep in winter. There are also exotic towns and clear and transparent lakes, just like the world in a fairy tale.

Mount Huangshan of Anhui Province

Mount Huangshan has always been the brightest pearl among China’s famous mountains. Xu Xiake ( ancient Chinese geographer, traveler and writer)cpmmented on Mount Huangshan: “I find it no longer worth my while to look at a mountain after visiting the five sacred mountains; no longer do I find it worth my while to look at the sacred five after returning from Mount Huangshan.”

Mount Huangshan has always been famous for its four unique “strange pines, strange rocks, sea of clouds, hot springs”, and the welcoming pine is the symbolic attraction of Mount Huangshan.

Go to Mount Huangshan in September, the weather is cool, it is a good time to climb the mountain and view the scenery! The mountains will present a magnificent scene of colorful and splendid picture.See the autumn scenery, climbing dangerous peaks and canyons,watch the sea of clouds and enjoy the sunrise will be a very good choice.

Caka Salt Lake of Qinghai Province

(Credit: 西安兵马俑, CC BY-SA 4.0)

Caka Salt Lake is also called Dabusun Lake, “Caka” is Tibetan word for salt pond, “ Dabusun” in Mongolian is the meaning of salt lake. According to the legendary story, 1000 Baritramu (Mongolian goddesses) live in the Salt Lake, where every grain of glistening salt is the result of their sweat and can bring people good luck and happiness, so in the summer and autumn, local Mongolian and Tibetan herdsmen come to the Salt Lake to offer tribute to the gods.

Caka Salt Lake is the famous natural crystalline salt lake in the Tsaidam Basin, the Chinese National Geography magazine rated it as “one of the 55 places that you must visit in a lifetime”. Unlike other salt lakes, Caka Salt Lake is solid and liquid coexist brine lake, The salt marsh water layer in the absence of wind will form a mirror effect. The blue sky and white clouds, and the snow-capped mountains in the distance are reflected on the lake surface, which is particularly poetic, hence the name “Mirror of the Sky”.

Lijiang of Yunnan Province

Lijiang is one of the must-visit cities for travelers to Yunnan. It is a desirable place that famous for unique culture of the Naxi tribe, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the beautiful Lugu Lake, and the ancient town of Shuhe, all of which suduce people to come to Lijiang and make people fall in love with it. Yulong Snow Mountain gives you the snow-capped mountain landscape, while the Lugu Lake National Scenic Area gives you the lake landscape, which is also mysterious.The landscape of Lugu Lake is really breathtaking. Seeing it with your own eyes, you would agree that it really deserves its reputation.

Autumn is the most beautiful season in Lijiang. The high and refreshing sky, colorful trees and flowers with Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the distance complete a painting-like scenery, which make people feel relaxed and happy.

Longji Terraces of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

The majestic and magnificent terraces present different beauty throughout the year, while autumn is the season of harvest, and the golden wheat waves make the scene the most intoxicating. In the Longji terraces, there are two ethnic minorities, Zhuang and Yao. Ping’an Zhuang Terraces, Jinkeng Hongyao Terraces and Longji Ancient Zhuang Village are the three largest and most shocking core scenic spots here. Among them, the landscape of Seven Stars with Moon in Ping’an Zhuang Terraces and the Nine Dragons and Five Tigers are the most famous. The ever-changing lines and graphics have impressed countless photographers and artists.

In addition to the breathtaking and magnificent terraces, the primitive and quaint minority architecture and folk customs are also fascinating. Strolling in the golden ocean of terraces, the dry stilted buildings that have been fully preserved with the Zhuang tradition, resemble a floating oasis in Oceania, the oldest of which has a history of more than 200 years.

Jingshan Park of Beijing

Jingshan Park is an imperial garden of the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, located at the center of the north-south axis of the ancient Forbidden City of Beijing. It is known as the back garden of the Forbidden City, and the panoramic view of the Forbidden City can be enjoyed from the top of Jingshan Park.

At dusk, climbing up the steps in the autumn breeze,the noisy urban life of the day will slow down with the pace, and your mood will gradually settle down as well.

You can cross the road from the North Gate of the Forbidden City to the South Gate of Jingshan Park directly. Be sure to choose a sunny day, after slowly savoring the profound heritage of the Forbidden City, enter Jingshan Park at about 5:30 in the afternoon. The sunset in Beijing is usually around 6 in autumn, so this time is the best time.

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