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5 Popular Places to Eat in Mussoorie

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A landscape representation of Mussoorie also known as queen of hills

There is an unmatched deliciousness about the food you get in India’s mountainous regions, simple and yet soul-satisfying. Mussoorie’s gastronomic delights might not be exclusive when it comes to their ingredients, but they have a comforting warmth that makes the food memorable and, in some cases, iconic.

Whether it is the beautiful surroundings, the fresh air, or the friendly locals, good food makes every trip to Mussoorie all the more special. While you can enjoy a hearty breakfast, snacky lunch, and tasty dinner anywhere on the Mall, here are the places that stand out for serving some of the best food in Mussoorie.

Café Library

Café Library has a locational advantage as it stands next to the legendary Library of Mussoorie, a must-visit spot on the hill station. Moreover, it offers a menu packed with various popular eats like pizzas, burgers, omelettes, wraps, and even paranthas and kulcha chola.

The café in itself isn’t too big and thus has a cozy feel to it. Most importantly, the food prices are pocket friendly, making it an ideal place for a respite during your sightseeing in Mussoorie.

Lovely Omelette Centre

Arguably, Mussoorie’s most famous eating joint, Lovely Omelette Centre, apparently serves the “best omelette in India.” Lovely started as a store selling eggs in 1918, but it began making delicious omelettes in 1975. Since then, it has been equally popular amongst the locals and visiting tourists.

The specialty at Lovely is their cheese omelette available with or without bread. Expect oozing warmth of the melted cheese, a slight crunch of onions, and the spiciness of green chilies in every bite you take. If you prefer your food less spicy, don’t be afraid to ask for it without chilies.

Char Dukaan

To visit Mussoorie and not make a trip to Char Dukaan in Landour is a sin, especially if you are a food lover. The easiest way to reach Landour is to take a taxi and then spend some hours walking and eating. Char Dukaan, specifically, is a vintage row of shops that serve comfort food. The dishes you get in all the shops are similar, but Anil’s on one corner has excellent pakoras (fritters), best had with hot honey ginger lemon tea.

Tip Top Tea Stall, on the other extreme of Char Dukaan, has a friendly host who will whip up tasty Maggi noodles, bun omelette, or a vegetarian burger in minutes. The best time to visit Char Dukaan is in the morning or for lunch as it tends to get crowded during diner time when people come to Landour to watch the sunset.

Landour Bakehouse

The other must-visit café when visiting Mussoorie is Landour Bakehouse. You can reach there in your car, but the best plan is to leave it in the parking lot and walk a little to work up an appetite. Landour Bakehouse has an old-fashion attractiveness about it with gorgeous wooden interiors and an omnipresent smell of freshly baked bread and coffee in the air.

A cupboard on one side of the café has books by Mussoorie authors, whereas another is full of Landour Bakehouse branded cups and shirts to buy. The food is fresh, even though it takes a little while to arrive. For an unforgettable brunch, try the cinnamon rolls, strawberries and cream crepes, the chicken jungle toastie, and a chocolate milkshake.

Little Llama Café

You cannot leave Mussoorie without having momos, and there are two places for that. While most people will tell you Kalsang Friend’s Corner is the obvious choice, try Little Llama Café instead, and you won’t be disappointed.

It tends to be less crowded for starters, the views are spectacular, and the service friendly. The menu is quite extensive, but the fried or steamed pork or chicken momos are delicious, as are the mouth-wateringly excellent wood-fired pizzas.


Although there are several “proper” restaurants in Mussoorie, and you can get all kinds of food, the real joy is in trying the array of warm comforts snacks you find here. From momos and patties to noodles and soup, they truly are little bites of foodie heaven, not to be missed.

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